Street Art Tour - Brighton

We’ve collated some works of street art in Brighton for you to discover whilst taking a (socially-distanced) stroll. We know that the galleries aren’t quite open yet, but it’s reassuring to know that artists are still responding, creating and painting the walls in our cities to inspire us.

Our Brighton street art tour begins at the now re-named, Enter Gallery. There’s some iconic Brighton classics alongside some hidden gems that you might not have discovered yet. Grab yourself a beverage of choice and have a wander, and if you’d like a little background info on a few of the artists we’ve got you covered…

Minty Street Art


Minty’s street art style is probably best summarised as ‘twisted pop’. He’ll take something that you loved from your childhood, the Simpsons, or Garfield, and completely f*ck with it. Psychedelic colours, sexual content, it’s the kind of stuff you might hallucinate if you’re lucky. You might’ve stumbled across some of his work in-between pubs and wondered whether you actually just saw that? Minty doesn't need to work with clean walls for his work to shine. He’ll have his creations amongst the chaotic sticker-covered, spray painted scrawls on battered walls. The works usually find you, but we’ve graciously told you where you can find them. You’re welcome. @mintystreetart

REQ Prince Albert mural


REQ’s pioneering work in spray paint realism cemented his presence in Brighton as one of the masters of murals. His work on the Prince Albert on Trafalgar Street isn’t going anywhere. Longevity is difficult to achieve in the competitive street art scene, but the amount of detail and in his work has put him in a league of his own. His most recent work ‘NHS Heroes’ listed on our tour, is a poignant mammoth display of gratitude for the life-saving NHS workers. @reqimage

REQ also presents an actual Brighton street art tour, in association with Enter Gallery.



Aussie street artist Rune’s trademark eerily intimate depictions of female faces thankfully made their way to Brighton back in 2015. The huge large-scale mural on the side of Pinnochio’s is unmissable. His works are imbued with an ineffable kind of intimacy and that might make you feel like texting your ex. (Don’t) @r_o_n_e

Toska Street Art


Toska11’s influences are cartoons, comic books and video games. We’d like to think that he’s doing just fine in isolation. His pieces take recognisable mainstream nerdism to the next level, giving us the crossovers we never knew that we needed. Check out Baby Maggie as Baby Groot in his Simpsons/Avengers piece, we need MORE. His ability to replicate the art styles of iconic cartoons is seriously impressive, and we’re excited to see him experiment and go in different directions with his work. @toska11

Alice mural by Eelus


Eelus’s provocative juxtaposition of monochrome and colour plays with light and dark, both literally and in the narrative he creates on the human spirit. Listen to Eelus on our podcast Art Related Noise.

Sinnaone street art

One of Sinna One’s floppy robots or ‘Sinbots’ @sinnaone

Jef Aerosol street art

A stenciled David Bowie by Jef Aerosol @jefaerosol

 Snub street art

Work from SNUB on the corner of Cheltenham Place @snub_23

 Brighton street art tour

You can now join REQ for an actual Brighton street art tour, in association with Enter Gallery.

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