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Gareth Hayward

Brighton based artist Gareth Hayward worked as a fashion and textile designer for over 20 years before becoming a full time professional artist.

His atmospheric landscapes in both arcylic and oils draw inspiration from his coastal environment and childhood memories of growing up in the north of England.

These imagined landscapes use a combination of layered washes or blurred brushstrokes that suggest, rather than depict an exact representation.

Gareth wants the viewer to complete the painting, to see something that is familiar to them. 

Gareth also uses Photography to create his limited edition prints that are quite simply a depiction of thoughts and feelings important to him at that moment in time.

His inspiration and influences are extremely varied, from taxidermy to brutalist architeture but he believes this is what keeps his collections exciting and unpredictable.

Gareth Hayward

Gareth Hayward Artworks

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