Jimmy Cauty Biography

Jimmy Cauty is an English artist, musician and cultural provocateur. He is one-half of The KLF, co-founder of The Orb, and one of the most controversial performance artists of our time.

Alongside Bill Drummond, Cauty formed the K-Foundation in the nineties, and together they staged a series of ground-breaking actions, including the 1994 K Foundation Art Award for Worst Artist of the Year and the K Foundation Burn A Million Quid. 

Cauty’s art is radical, subversive and darkly comical. Seminal works include his Stamps of Mass Destruction and Operation Magic Kingdom, which were both created in protest of the Iraq war. He’s also known for his experimental sonic weapons, and his model-making works, Riot in a Jam Jar and Aftermath Dislocation Principle.  

Jimmy Cauty Artworks

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