Jamie Hewlett

Jamie Hewlett sprung to prominence as the co-creator of cult comic book series, Tank Girl – a story about a punk girl who drove a tank and dated a mutant kangaroo. The strip drew from contemporary British pop culture, and was heavily-influenced by punk visual art, collage and surrealist techniques.

After the international sensation that was Tank Girl, Hewlett moved on to collaborate with Blur frontman, Damon Albarn, creating British visual band, Gorillaz in 1998. Hewlett and Albarn lived together in a flat in Westbourne Grove, London, and while watching MTV and lamenting the rise of manufactured boy bands, they decided to manufacture a band of their own, with Albarn on vocals, and Hewlett creating the characters.

Gorillaz have gone on to achieve critical acclaim, releasing six successful albums, multiple books, and producing some of the most expensive and pioneering live performances in history, utilising his unforgettable 3D animations and projections

Jamie Hewlett Artworks

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