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Matt Henry

Matt Henry is a Brighton-based photographer who creates Mid-century inspired photography that explores the power of fiction.

Described as ‘stills from a movie that was never made’, Henry creates series' of photographs, exploring the photographic sequence as a storytelling medium in its own right. Each series features a cast of actors, and is created via the same steps as traditional film making - from storyboard and casting, to set design, period hair and make up, and directing. 

Via his work, Henry draws on his fascination of the mid-century period, and features his recurring interests of the Sixties as an unresolved political flashpoint and the role of counterculture in social change. 

Henry explains: 'Rather than viewing this period as a static historical artefact to be viewed from an objective present, my fictions explore past and present by using this era as a kind of shape-shifting historical mirror.'

Matt Henry

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