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Okuda San Miguel

Okuda San Miguel is a Spanish sculptor, painter and muralist. He is revered for his distinctive use of multi-coloured prismatic patterns, bodies without identity, headless animals and symbols that provoke reflection.

Inspired by surrealism, pop art and different cultures he has encountered while travelling the world, Okuda’s art is an exploration of the meaning of life, the false freedom of capitalism, and the conflict between modern life and our human roots.

Okuda began his career as a street artist, painting old factories and lost railways in Santander. However, it wasn’t until 2015, when he painted the inside of a church-turned-skate-park in Asturias (later named the Kaos Temple), that his art captured the world’s attention.

Since then Okuda has painted abandoned buildings in Morocco and the USA, exhibited globally, and created impressive outdoor works and indoor immersive experiences everywhere from Japan to Mozambique.

Okuda San Miguel

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