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Paul Morrison

Contemporary British artist, Paul Morrison is renowned for bold black and white prints and paintings of botanical landscapes. Each monochromatic vision is inspired by timeworn engravings and woodcuts, and is crafted from found imagery sourced from cartoons, films, and educational books.

Morrison works in a variety of mediums, ranging from sculpture and screenprints, to film, animation, and large-scale murals. To instil his work with its otherworldly and, at times, disquieting feel, Morrison collages and digitally-manipulates his found imagery, distorting, magnifying and shifting scale. He reveals: ‘I'm interested in cognitive landscape, the terrain that one sees, somewhere behind the eyes.’

Each of Morrison’s artworks is created to provoke a sense of the familiar, but to also entice the observer to look closer to see the oddities and contradictions concealed within. His art can be seen as illustrations to a story as yet unwritten – one which the artist invites the observer to dream up for themselves.

Paul Morrison

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