Skirl Biography


Skirl is a one of a kind street artist who creates organic structures of black and blue lines around the world. Based in Vienna, Austria the artist uses his technique on a myriad of surfaces from prints, trains, buildings, museums, basketball courts and more. You can find his work throughout Europe aswell as infamous sites such as the Walled Off Hotel in Palestine, Thailand, Indonesia, the U.S.A, Russia and the UK.

Skirls story is unique, the first 12 years of his artistic career was spent creating classical graffiti pieces. His career as an engraver gave him a unique set of skills, leading him to broaden his visual narrative from a classical graffiti style to abstract painterly forms and shapes. The texture and style in his work is reminiscent of patterns and symbols in nature. The juxtaposition of precise lines and organic forms create a visual tension and sense movement. With his hand-cut roller, he loves an unmistakable mark wherever he goes.


Skirl Artworks

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