Toxicómano Callejero Biography

Toxicómano Callejero

Toxicómano Callejero (which translates as Street Junkie) is a stencil artist from Bogotá in Colombia. He has been active on the graffiti, street art and counterculture scene of Latin America for almost 20 years.

Heavily-influenced by punk music, and all it stands for, Toxicómano’s work explores everything from politics, racism and human rights, to gender violence, police brutality and media control – all via striking high-contrast imagery and whip smart satirical humour.  

Toxicómano’s street art adorns the urban landscape across South America, and includes pieces on important public buildings like the National Library of Colombia. Whatever his chosen canvas, the message and personal convictions behind his art have become part of the cultural conversation in his native Colombia and beyond. 

Toxicómano Callejero

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