Art Yard Sale: Artist sneak peeks

The Queen’s Jubilee isn’t the only thing worth celebrating on the Bank Holiday weekend – Enter Gallery is also rejoicing over the return of our biggest event of the year, our Art Yard Sale.

This much-loved community event sees over 30 leading contemporary artists manning their own market-style stalls in Jubilee Square in Brighton, flogging rare pieces, limited editions and originals for special Art Yard Sale prices. If you’re an art lover, this is your chance to meet the artists you admire in person, and get your hands on some truly special works of art.

 Sara Pope Art Yard Sale

We understand that if we’re going to lure you away from street parties, Pimm’s and sponge cake we need to wet your whistle, so in today’s blog we’re providing a sneak peek of some of the pieces you’ll find at the Art Yard Sale…  

Poppy Faun

Our first exciting previews come courtesy of Poppy Faun – a Brighton-based artist whose otherworldly pieces combine a sense of nostalgia with pure rock and roll. 


Limited edition art prints by Poppy Faun | Enter Gallery

We chatted to Faun to learn how she'll be bringing the sixties and seventies back to life on her Art Yard Sale stall. She reveals: 


'I've got more than 20 prints, all of which are small editions of just five. Some of these are archive prints, never-before-seen pieces and artworks that have never been printed before.'

'I will also have a selection of original pieces on ply wood and old signs, and a selection of 70s objects that I've transformed into Poppy Faun's.'

Limited edition art prints by Poppy Faun | Enter Gallery


Craig Keenan

Next up, we have Craig Keenan - a London-based artist who specialises in the historic art of Cyanotyping, a process which involves using sunlight to develop each image, and which gives his work its distinctive cobalt colour.

Limited edition art prints by Craig Keenan | Enter Gallery


One of his Art Yard Sale pieces depicts Eurynome – the goddess of all creation, who arose from Chaos and separated the sea from the sky. Keenan has crafted his gowns from the elements from nature that we see across his oeuvre.

Limited edition artworks by Craig Keenan | Enter Gallery


Keenan tells us:


‘I’m very excited to be part of this year's Art Yard Sale! I’ll be bringing some of my editioned work, framed and unframed, which I’ll be selling at super special prices for the day. I’ll also have test prints, misprints and things which didn’t quite make it to being an edition. Maybe twice a year I have a studio clear out and I usually throw a lot of stuff away, but this year I’ve saved it for this event. I very much work by experimentation so there’ll be lots to choose from.’


Rebecca Strickson

Next up, we have a sneak peek at ‘Dream Weaver’ by Rebecca Strickson – a multi-award winning illustrator whose psychedelic pieces are inspired by trade union banners and protest placards, and explore the life-changing power of community and collaboration. 

 Dreamweaver by Rebecca Strickson | Enter Gallery

‘Dreamweaver is about realising that your own magic can be just what you need to get by. It's playful and bright and quixotic, like we all are in liminal dream states - anything can happen here!’


This piece will be finished with silver leaf, and will be available to buy directly from Strickson on her stall. A select number of the edition have been set aside to be sold online for those who can’t make it to the sale on the day. If that’s you and you don’t want to miss out on this piece, contact the gallery on 01273 724829.


Sara Pope

Here is the Queen of luscious lips herself, Sara Pope, posing beside Ice Queen – the original piece that she has created especially for the Art Yard Sale. Pope has created her black lips from oil on gesso covered birch wood panel, and embellished the piece with crystals.

Sara Pope Ice Queen Art Yard Sale 2022 | Enter Gallery


Ice Queen will also be available as a limited edition print. Each print will be hand-embellished with Swarovski crystals, the colour of which will vary from piece to piece.


Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders is a recent arrival at Enter Gallery so this will be his first year selling his uplifting geometric artworks at the Art Yard Sale. For his debut, Sanders is celebrating his hometown of Brighton in colourful pieces which reflect the vibrancy and sunshine of our beloved city by the sea.


Tim Sanders sneak peek at Art Yard Sale 2022 | Enter Gallery

Here’s a glimpse at some of his preliminary drawings for his Art Yard Sale designs. Swing by his stall at the Art Yard Sale to see how they turned out.


Join us at the Art Yard Sale on Sunday 5th June between 11am – 5pm in Jubilee Square, Brighton. Here’s is more information about the sale, and some tips on how to make the most of the day