22nd June: Connecting the Roots Charity Auction

If you follow Enter Gallery, you’ll know that we’re committed to supporting Connecting the Roots – a Brighton-based environmental charity who restore and rewild ecosystems in areas deemed vital to the fight against climate change.


Enter Gallery has worked closely with the charity since 2021, pledging £100,000 over the next 10 years to support this cause. So far, we have sent £30,000 to a Pilot Project in Costa Rica, where a team of environmentalists, academics, and local guardians of the land are hard at work testing out the most efficient methods for returning this corner of the world, which has been ravaged by cattle farming, to its former glory.

This June there will be an online art auction to raise funds for this worthy cause. Our artists have kindly donated rare limited edition prints and original works to the auction, with all proceeds going to the rewilding efforts of Connecting the Roots. 

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Read how proceeds from the auction will be help

In today’s blog, we’re revealing everything you need to know about this online auction and how you can show your support…


Auction details

The Connecting the Roots online auction begins on Thursday 22nd June, and runs until 6th July 2023, with bidding commencing on the 22nd June. If you are subscribed to Enter Gallery emails you will be notified when the auction is live. If you’d like to subscribe, please do so here.

The online auction is being conducted by Artsy – the world’s largest online art marketplace.

You will need to register for an Artsy account in order to bid on the artworks. You can do so here.

Final bids

On the 6th July, the auction will start finishing at 8pm UK time. All lots are scheduled to close at one minute intervals – this is known as ‘cascade bidding’ and is a system that allows buyers to bid on multiple lots.

If a bid is received in the final two minutes of the auction, the lot will be extended by two minutes – this is called ‘popcorn bidding’ and is a system used to give buyers time to submit a higher bid if outbid.

You need to be registered with Artsy in order to bid, so to learn more about how Artsy bidding works, and how to have the best chance of winning the lots you are interested in, read our guide here


Key pieces

Such a special cause deserves special art, and we have some truly incredible pieces included in the auction that you won’t want to miss. Here’s a sneak peek at three of the lots…

Lightness of Being Lenticular (2010) – Chris Levine

Chris Levine’s portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II is one of his most intimate works, and the 3D lenticular format infuses the piece will a truly special sense of movement.


Limited edition art by Chris Levine | Enter Gallery


Remarkably, this image was captured entirely by accident. Levine’s camera was set up to rotate 360 degrees around Her Majesty. Fortunately for him, he kept the camera rolling in between shots as he later discovered he’d captured this exquisite shot of the late Monarch enjoying a peaceful moment.

Over the years, Levine has captured the likes of Kate Moss, Grace Jones and Paul Smith but no piece is more iconic than his image of Queen Elizabeth II.


Eagle, Diamond Dust – Dave White

The online auction is your chance to get your hands on this highly-collectible sold out piece from master of animal portraiture, Dave White.

Limited edition and original artworks by Dave White | Enter Gallery

This piece was created with an impressive 36 silkscreen layers, so an incredible amount of work went into creating the finished effect, which is alive with the palpable energy of this Bird of Prey.

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Such A Perfect Day (Thompson Twins) by David Spiller

From a completely sold out 2018 edition, this printers proof is an extremely rare opportunity to own Such A Perfect Day by the late David Spiller.

This 30-colour layer silkscreen featuring Thompson and Thompson from Tintin is signed by Spiller and features song lyrics musing on the wonder of love.  

 Limited edition art prints by David Spiller | Enter Gallery


View artworks included in the auction

How to take part in our Connecting the Roots auction if you’re new to Artsy

Enter Gallery and a series of contemporary artists have come together to support conservation charity Connecting the Roots with an exclusive auction, featuring limited edition and original artworks, open only on Artsy from Thursday, June 22nd to Thursday, July 6th.

The collection features limited edition and original pieces from acclaimed artists such as Chris Levine, Mr Brainwash, Peter Blake, and many more. All proceeds will support Connecting the Roots’ vital rewilding work in Costa Rica.

As the world’s largest online art marketplace, Artsy is an established auction platform that facilitates prospective bidders from around the world to participate in an auction remotely.

To ensure any interested bidders can register their interest and take part in the auction when it goes live on the 22nd, we’ve put together a small guide to explain how the auction process works:

1. Registration

To participate in an Artsy auction, prospective bidders need to create an Artsy account and register for the specific auction they're interested in. Registration typically involves providing basic personal information and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the auction.

2. Browsing

Once registered, prospective bidders can explore the auction catalogue on the Artsy website or app. The catalogue provides detailed information about each artwork available for bidding – including images, descriptions, artist information, estimated value, and any other relevant details.

3. Placing bids

When the auction is live, prospective bidders can place bids on the artworks they’re interested in purchasing. Bids can be entered manually, or bidders can set a maximum bid amount, and the Artsy platform will automatically increase their bid incrementally on their behalf, up to the maximum specified amount. This automated bidding system is known as “proxy bidding” and allows bidders to remain competitive without having to constantly monitor the auction.

As per Artsy’s website:

“Auction bids are binding, so it is essential to understand the total cost of a potential auction purchase before placing your bid(s). You may see notices of additional fees on lot pages – please make sure you understand any applicable fees before placing your bid(s) as fees can differ based on location of seller and collector.”

4. Real-time updates

During the auction, Artsy provides real-time updates on bidding activity. Bidders can see the current highest bid for each artwork and track any competing bids as they’re made. This transparency allows bidders to stay informed and adjust their own bids if necessary.

5. Notifications

If someone outbids another bidder, Artsy will send a notification to alert them. This way, bidders can decide whether to increase their bid or let the artwork go. Those interested in following a particular auction can also add the auction’s close time to their personal calendar.

6. Auction closing and winners

When the auction ends, the highest bidder for each artwork is considered the winner. Artsy will inform the winning bidders and provide instructions for completing the transaction, including payment and shipping arrangements. Typically, a buyer's premium (a percentage fee) is added to the winning bid, which covers Artsy's services and other associated costs.

The Connecting the Roots auction is live from 3pm on Thursday 22nd June, and runs for two weeks until lots start to close at 8pm on Thursday 6th July.

Connecting the Roots is a Brighton-based conservation and environmental charity whose mission is to restore biodiversity and educate and empower communities through rewilding initiatives. Their pilot scheme addresses the climate crisis with achievable, sustainable goals, working alongside wisdom leaders, environmentalists, and communities to restore a precious dry tropical forest ecosystem in Costa Rica’s Guanacaste province.

View the full auction here.