Habit of Being: New Exclusive from Charlotte Rose

This week, we’re delighted to announce that a new exclusive piece from Charlotte Rose is now available at Enter Gallery. 


Habit of Being limited edition art print by Charlotte Rose | Enter Gallery  

In Habit of Being, which is available as an original or a limited edition print, Rose continues her exploration of “dangerous products once portrayed as our friends”.

Following in the footsteps of celebrated artists like Sarah Lucas and Peter Blake who have portrayed cigarettes in their art, Rose’s oeuvre displays a particular fascination with brands that use glamour and blatant lies to sell us products that will ultimately cause our demise.

In today’s blog, we tell you a little more about this rising star and chat to Rose to hear more about the inspirations behind the piece…

Habit of Being Original artwork by Charlotte Rose | Enter Gallery


Kissed by a Rose

It’s been an exciting couple of years for London-based artist and model, Charlotte Rose.

When the pandemic saw her modelling work temporarily dry up, Rose turned her attention to painting. Within months, her work had captured the eyes of art lovers around the world and earned her high-profile collectors like Yung Blud and Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Limited edition and original art by Charlotte Rose | Enter Gallery


Back in April 2022, Enter Gallery sponsored Rose’s second solo show, Too Much of A Good Thing in London, and later, in August, Rose released Molotov exclusively at Enter Gallery – a piece that used Martini branding to highlight the addictive and volatile effect of alcohol.

 Molotov limited edition art print by Charlotte Rose | Enter Gallery


Bad Habits

Habit of Being is a homage to old advertising. For the piece, Rose has sourced and collaged beautiful black and white photography from vintage French magazines from the 60s and 70s.

Rose chose her image to portray people doing the kinds of things that we indulge in every day – the habits that make us human. Rose tells us:

Habit of Being explores the intricacies of what it means to ‘be’. Humans are creatures of habit, and the images I’ve chosen perfectly depict humans living their everyday lives – laughing, drinking, talking, eating and smoking.”


Habit of Being dives further into the deadly brands that surround us, and that have been sold to us beneath of a veil of glitz and glamour. Rose explains:

“The piece is about how cigarettes were once a constant in the background of many people’s lives. Like the cologne you put on in the morning or the brand of toothpaste you use twice a day, cigarettes are ever-present - existing in tandem with human experience. Something consistent, reliable, but also, not to be trusted.”


Get Habit of Being here.