Sneak Peeks from Enter Gallery's 2023 London Pop-Up

Good news for you Londoners – Enter Gallery’s Pop-Up is returning to the nation’s capital!

Our doors will be open on Dray Walk at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane from Friday April 28th until Sunday May 7th, giving London locals the opportunity to experience our gallery’s unique curation and incredible roster of contemporary artists.

London Pop Up

To give you an idea of what to expect from Enter Gallery’s London Pop-Up, in today’s blog we’re providing some exciting details about events taking place and sneak peeks of artworks that will be on display. 


Opening Night 

On Thursday 27th April from 7pm-9pm we will be launching the Pop-Up in style with an opening night private view. In addition to enjoying the art over a drink or two, you will get the chance to rub shoulders with a selection of the artists whose work will be adorning our walls. 

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Charlotte rose original

Charlotte Rose

Charlotte Rose will be at the event launching this original painting. In a continuation of her previous works, the new original sees Rose once again use cigarette packaging to explore how brands use glamorous imagery to sell us dangerous products. 

This new piece from Rose is also a sneak peek of what to expect at the artist’s 2023 solo show, which is taking place in October. The show will feature works that blend brands with literature.  

Joe Webb

Joe Webb

Created especially for the London Pop-Up, Joe Webb's new piece, The Trip, takes us on another existential journey through time and space. 

As with much of his work, this piece is designed to make us consider our place in the universe, and the importance of the moments we choose to share with those we hold dear. 


Magnus Gjoen 

Magnus Gjoen is known for offering modern takes on timeless masterpieces. In Hidden In Plain Sight, his piece for the London Pop-Up, he serves up ‘maximalist glamouflage’, combining elements from different works of art to create a multi-layered artwork of discovery. 

Hidden in Plain Sight Round, Large by Magnus Gjoen | Enter Gallery


This piece combines a still life from Gjoen’s own collection, with the ceiling of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo’s ‘Nuptial Allegory’ at the Ca’ Rezzonico Museum in Venice and butterflies from Opificio Delle Pietre Dure Museum in Florence. 


Jayson Lilley 

Truly in the spirit of the occasion, contemporary artist, Jayson Lilley, will be showcasing his London Series at the Pop-Up - a series of artworks of iconic London landmarks depicted on vintage one pound notes. 

Tate limited edition art print by Jayson Lilley | Enter Gallery


One for lovers of architecture, the series celebrates such icons of the London skyline as Battersea Power Station, the Oxo Tower and the Tate Modern. 


Mr Cenz

From opening night you can snap up an original painting by Mr Cenz featuring strong, spiritual women in the artist's signature style of abstract swirls of colour.

Mr Cenz

Listen to Mr Cenz talking about his work on our podcast, Art Related Noise. 


Mark Powell

Brighton artist, Mark Powell, will be showcasing four original works on antique documentation at the London Pop-Up. Remarkably, each highly-detailed piece is created using nothing more than a humble Bic biro. 


A Promised Land original artwork by Mark Powell | Enter Gallery


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Make it Reign

To mark King Charles’ coronation, from 7-9pm on Thursday May 4th, we’re bringing you a Royal celebration, Enter Gallery style.

In this mixed group show, we’re exhibiting works inspired by royalty. So, whether you’re a hardcore royalist, or you couldn’t give a monkey’s about the monarchy, Make it Reign is a fun celebration of the things that we revere. 

Hannah Shillito box set

Hannah Shillito 

For Make It Reign, Hannah Shillito is releasing her POP box set – a set of six prints showcasing music icons. The box set depicts six legends that the world considers royalty, including Dolly Parton, Cher and David Bowie. 

Shillito depicts her icons against different colourful backgrounds designed to portray a rainbow when displayed together. Speaking of the set, Shillito explains: “It represents togetherness, fierce pride and is a celebration of people unapologetically being themselves.” 


Richard Berner

In Falling Crown, Richard Berner depicts the type of crown that Charles will be adding to his wardrobe any day now. 

Fallen Crown

Using his trusty band of champs, Berner brings the Crown Jewels to life, creating a piece rich in unexpected, and often hilarious detail. 


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