International Women’s Day Panel talk with Rebecca Strickson, JanaNicole and Ruth Mulvie

Ruth Mulvie, Rebecca Strickson and JanaNicole discuss life as an artist and how they are becoming mentors with The Girls Network to inspire a future generation of women who would like to pursue a career in the arts

Street Art Tour - Brick Lane

Stuart from Inspiring City and host of our podcast, Art Related Noise shares his top 5 street art stops along Brick Lane.

Street Art Tour - Brighton

We’ve collated some works of street art in Brighton for you to discover whilst taking a (socially-distanced) stroll.

Street Art Tour - Manchester

Wander and discover the open-air art gallery that is Manchester’s Northern Quarter with our online street art tour.

Art Yard Sale Charity Auction Raises Funds for Survivor’s Network

£1,553.50 was raised at our Facebook auction to mark what should have been our annual Art Yard Sale.

Join the monthly Enter Gallery Kids Club

Once a month the Enter Gallery hosts a Kids Club with a special guest artist.

Join in for 2 hours of creative fun with loads of great activities, a great way for your little ones to spend a Saturday morning.