Rosie Emerson

Rosie Emerson is an award-winning contemporary artist whose work almost exclusively focuses on representing the female form. Her work depicts female archetypes, old and new, from Artemis to the modern day supermodel.

Emerson’s passion for theatre, architecture, silhouettes, shrines and rituals shines through her work. Each piece begins life as a painstakingly-crafted photoshoot, involving elaborate staging, handmade costumes, props, and dramatic lighting. Emerson then hand-finishes her screenprints with unusual materials like ash, sawdust and charcoal to create the texture that makes her pieces stand out.

Over the course of her career, Emerson has been Artist in Residence at Somerset House, exhibited her work at the Southbank Centre, was a finalist for the Young Masters Prize and was shortlisted for the Rise Art Print Award. Her art has been commissioned by brands including Sony and Redbull, and has appeared on the pages of everywhere from Vogue to The Sunday Times and Harper’s Bazaar

Rosie Emerson Artworks

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