Video: Gallery Highlights, inc. Marc Quinn, Bonnie and Clyde & Dave White

View our collectable art highlights for February 2014 by taking a walk around the walls of our gallery.

Gallery team member Jess Miles takes you through three fantastic art works including a beautiful Marc Quinn limited edition, a brilliant contemporary piece by Bonnie and Clyde and an outstanding Dave White giclee.

Marc Quinn, ‘On the Shores of Orissa’ art print: This is a really magnificent piece. Marc Quinn is a well established artist; he was part of the young British artists of the ‘90s along with Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and other really well known artists.

You might have seen his sculpture ‘Self’ which is actually a self portrait made from his own blood that was frozen. He’s also really well known for his sculptures of Kate Moss and Alison Lapper, which featured in the closing ceremony of the Olympics. It’s a pigment print which is a rare printing technique. The original for this was an oil painting on canvas and it’s a really great example of photo-realism. It’s a really small edition of 20, signed in pencil. This is a really amazing piece.

Bonnie and Clyde, ‘Celebrate Our Tastes of LA’ art print: Bonnie and Clyde uses a mix of mediums for her originals. She takes a lot of inspiration from trips that she’s made to various places in America, this one happens to be LA. It’s actually a mixture of different areas and beaches of LA and she has combined all of her favourite parts to make this image.

She uses her own photographs that she has taken on her trips. It’s a silkscreen and giclee print. It has some areas which are matt and some areas which are gloss so it recreates different textures within the piece. It’s a really small edition of 30 and signed by the artist in pencil. She’s a great local Brighton artist and Jess' favourite!

Dave White, ‘Great White I’ art print: This is a signed limited edition of 20 taken from his recent show that we had in London. It was a really successful show, most of the originals sold out on the first night. It’s really beautifully printed using the giclee method. It’s also been hand-finished by Dave White with platinum brushstrokes.

Each one will be slightly different; the hand-finishing can be a bit more prominent on some than others. Also each one features a platinum tooth! Dave White is becoming increasingly popular and increasingly collectable. A lot of his prints go really quickly so it’s best to get in there early to avoid disappointment.