Obey prints in our Brighton gallery

Don’t miss the wide selection of hard-to-find Obey prints available from our Brighton gallery.

Any Obey fan visiting our Brighton gallery should be spoilt for choice with the great selection of prints we have both framed and unframed.

Highlights include …….

Big Brother City (Framed Only)
South by Southwest 2008
Hostile Takeover (Framed Only)
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Obey aka Shepard Fairey began his career as a graffiti artist with the Obey Giant sticker campaign in 1989. His style is influenced by and forms a critique of both advertising and propaganda posters. He is now one of the most prolific and well-respected graffiti artists in the USA, with his politically charged images of consumer culture.

'If Shepard Fairey comes to your town every single graffiti writer gets uptight. We don’t like Shepard because he makes us feel scared and lazy' Banksy.

Most recent works include a mural featuring Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. Obeys’s image of Barack Obama has now appeared in street art murals throughout the USA and he produced a limited edition print of the image which was sold to raise funds for Obama’s campaigon.