A legend arrives at to our gallery in Soho

Here at our London gallery we are always scouting for quality; to be more specific, quality artists and quality works above all else. So when Mr. Ben Eine dropped by with two seriously impressive canvases we stopped scouting for a moment and said wow.

It is the legendary printmaker and graffiti vandal extraordinaire's first showing at our gallery and we are sure it won’t be his last if these are anything to go by. Both works are a heavy weave hessian canvas that have amazingly been covered in concrete, left to set, then stencilled over in spray-paint featuring Eine’s classic letters. The result is something that hasn’t really been seen before and offers a genuine ‘street’ aesthetic.

Ben Eine is a true pioneer of the British street art scene, spraying with Banksy no less in the early days. It is regarded that Eine actually sprayed most of the Banksy works in and around London. Since then he has gone on to feature in too many shows and events to mention all over the world; collaborated with and printed for the elite of street artists and all the while staying true to his unique style.

Some of Eine’s recent works can be seen in his revered East London adorning many shop fronts with the newsagents’ shutter his preferred canvas. His artwork was recently featured on the debut album cover of Scandinavian band Alphabeat; an accolade which has only further cemented him as a well respected commercial artist.