A Week of Waggett

This week at Enter Gallery, we’re celebrating the artistic excellence of Elizabeth Waggett with a whole week of exclusive offers, rare artworks, and an exciting competition that will give you the chance to own three artworks by this prominent contemporary artist.

Elizabeth Waggett is an extraordinary talent, known for intricate hand-drawn portraits of animals, insects, skulls and personal trinkets. Her work contrasts monochrome with flashes of gold, emphasising the value of the creatures she depicts, and challenging the observer to consider the impact of human activity on these incredible species.

In today’s blog, we’re revealing everything you can look forward to at Enter Gallery in A Week of Waggett… 

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The Curse of Being Magnificent by Elizabeth Waggett | Enter Gallery


A Wall of Waggett

To give people the chance to experience the sublime detail of Waggett’s artworks, A Week of Waggett will feature a dedicated wall in the gallery showcasing her art. This wall will feature a selection of the artist’s beautiful hand-embellished works, alongside her 2023 Halo Series.


Fragility of Power Gold and Platinum Elizabeth Waggett | Enter Gallery


Win the Halo Series!

While the final piece in Waggett’s 2023 Halo Series, isn’t being released until later this year, during A Week of Waggett we’re giving visitors to the gallery an exclusive sneak peek. The new print will be on display, so pop in to see it in all its glory.

During this special week, we’re also offering the chance for one lucky person to win the entire Halo Series for their home! This beautiful series of three limited edition artworks depicts a bee, a butterfly, and Waggett’s third subject choice (top secret!), all encircled in gold.



Butterfly limited edition art print Elizabeth Waggett | Enter Gallery


The collection is a celebration of the circle of life, and is designed to highlight how important these creatures are to our existence. Speaking of the series, Waggett explains:


“The gold highlights how special these insects are, and puts them on the pedestal they deserve. We’re so terrible at looking after the planet’s wildlife – I added the halo to celebrate them, and as a circle of protection. It also represents the perfect cyclical nature of the environment, and how, no matter what humans do, nature always comes full circle.”


BEE limited edition art print by Elizabeth Waggett | Enter Gallery


As well as being visually beautiful, each of the insects in the Halo Series has been selected by Waggett for the symbolism they possess. For example, around the world, Butterflies signify metamorphosis and positive change. Similarly, bees are said to symbolise focus, hard-work and generosity, but they also hold the most personal significance to Waggett, as she found herself drawn to depicting them while recovering from an accident that left her unable to walk. She reveals:


“The bee is the symbol of Manchester - the city that I grew up in, but energy and healing wise – bees just feel so good for me to draw over and over again. The more I learn about them, I think there’s something else that draws me back. They have been a kind of spirit animal over the course of my healing journey. They’re hard-working, determined, drawn to beauty – I’m happy to feel so much synergy with bees.”


For the chance to win, simply fill in this form, and this incredible series could be yours.


Rare Artist Proofs

During A Week of Waggett, collectors will also get the opportunity to purchase rare pieces, including It’s My Party, a rare artist proof from a sold out edition. If you’re interested in hearing more about these rare pieces, contact the gallery to learn more.

It's My Party Elizabeth Waggett


Framing Offer - 25% OFF

Finally, during A Week of Waggett, we’re also offering 25% off framing when you buy any piece by the artist. Simply add your chosen frame and print to your basket and the discount will be automatically applied. Offer ends at midnight on Sunday 24th September.


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