Building Towers: discover the abstract work of artist Dave Towers at our gallery

As his work is hung as part of our Abstract showcase, one of the Brighton gallery’s newest additions, Dave Towers, answers a few of our burning questions.

 Cosmic Blob by Dave Towers


 Abstraction, by definition is dealing with ideas rather than events. What kind of ideas do you find yourself dealing with in your work? Dave Towers (DT): I'm trying to walk the line between something controlled and disciplined yet also organic and free form. The lines in the ‘Cosmic Blob’ work are unique in every painting but the intention is always to form a circle in the end.

Abstraction is also a state of preoccupation. What preoccupies you? DT: I'm preoccupied with trying to learn new techniques. My career as a graphic designer has informed my painting and vice versa. The crossover of techniques is what excites me.

Talk us through your usual making process, and the materials you feel an affinity with...

DT: I'm concerned with the interaction of colour, and how overlaying colour alters texture and form. I use wide nib acrylic ink pens. Traditionally these have been used by 'calligraffiti' writers. The instinctive way to use these pens seems to be in a calligraphy style, the nature of the nib gives the the thick and thin form of a calligraphy line. I tried to use the pen in a simpler, purer way with a single thick line width. The texture of the ink and imperfections of the nib as it dries gives each painting its own unique feel.

If you could collaborate on a project with anyone, who would it be?

DT: I'd have liked to have spent some time studying at the Bauhaus.

Consider the Cubists as an early-20th century art collective, pushing each other’s work forward. Who’s in your art gang/ who is your sounding board?

DT: Instagram has been my inspiration and sounding board. It allows me to gauge reaction and also encourages me. Particularly when I began to make these paintings in my spare time around 6 years ago. People reacting to my work gave me the confidence to continue.