Enter Gallery Artists Shine at Miami Art Week

Over the last week or so, you’ve probably spotted many of the world’s most exciting contemporary artists living it up in Miami.

This is because every December, the Florida city becomes the art world’s most important destination, attracting over 1,200 international galleries from five continents to present work from both established masters and emerging talent across 20 art fairs.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make it over this year, but here’s a little summary of what our Enter Gallery artists got up to.


Elizabeth Waggett

Elizabeth Waggett may be a seasoned Miami attendee, but this was the first year that she chose to introduce her lobster artworks to the people of Miami. Needless to say, they were a big hit!

Limited edition art prints by Elizabeth Waggett | Enter Gallery


In addition to having work on display at Context – one of the largest art fairs, Waggett also participated in a group show to raise funds and awareness for Project Art Box – a non-profit organisation on a mission to provide access to the arts for underprivileged children and communities.  

View artworks by Elizabeth Waggett.


Mark Vessey

Fresh from the launch of his Hip Hop exclusive at Enter Gallery, Mark Vessey hot-footed it to Miami to exhibit his work for the very first time at Context Art Miami.

Limited edition art prints by Mark Vessey | Enter Gallery

Vessey was excited to bring his coveted Collections series to the people of America – birthplace to countless records he has chosen to immortalise over the years.

View artworks by Mark Vessey.


Charlotte Rose

Another artist enjoying a pivotal moment in their career by exhibiting at Miami Art Week was Charlotte Rose, who was there to exhibit her latest work, Am I the Drama? Enter Gallery released the print to coincide with the event, which you can find here.

Rose’s latest piece follows her recent show, The Shakespeare Tobacco Company, which sees her compare Shakespearean tragedy with the shady tactics used by cigarette companies to sell dangerous goods.  

Rose’s art was in great company, hanging alongside paintings by Hollywood star, Billy Zane.   


View artworks by Charlotte Rose.


Kai and Sunny

Kai and Sunny are seasoned Miami attendees, and in 2023 the duo enjoyed another successful year, exhibiting artworks from their most recent show, Elemental Mix. The show is an exploration of, ‘the constant shifts and changes of nature, the moment where the elements converge, creating a new beginning: a tipping point.’

This year’s Miami highlight for the duo was launching CRY BABY MIX - their high profile collaboration with street artist, D*Face – a hand-pulled six colour screenprint that sold out in minutes.


View artworks by Kai and Sunny.


Gary James McQueen

Recently, we introduced Enter Gallery to the work of Gary James McQueen, nephew of the late fashion designer, and Head Textile Designer at Alexander McQueen. Through his art, McQueen keeps the spirit of his uncle alive, creating evocative fresh takes on the fashion brand’s infamous skulls.

Vanitas Skull Antique Silver by Gary James McQueen | Enter Gallery

McQueen was in Miami to exhibit a series of his lenticular prints alongside an incredible holographic installation that brought the decadence of his art to life. The piece featured a skeleton, crafted from flowers and gold, lost in a moment surrounded by fluttering butterflies.

View artworks by Gary James McQueen.


Marc Quinn

Finally, YBA Marc Quinn was over in Miami exhibiting the two latest pieces from his Iris series. Ice Age and Raw Earth are both circular editions featuring the human iris overlaid with a map of the Atlantic Ocean. Both striking pieces are an exploration of human identity in a digital age.

 Ice Age limited edition art print by Marc Quinn | Enter Gallery


These beautiful archival prints are hand-finished with white diamond dust (Ice Age), and silver leaf (Raw Earth). Get yours here