Handiedan presents, 'In The Treasure Of Time'

Dutch artist, Handiedan continues to amaze us with her complex cut and paste mixture of digital and sculptural hand cut collages. With meticulous detail, her process combines elements of the past, present and future to create a kaleidoscopical visual exploration of discoveries that are both visible and hidden in plain sight.

Handiedan In The Treasure of Time Green

Her latest release, ‘In The Treasure of Time’ is available exclusively at Enter Gallery from Friday the 31st July to mark both Brighton Pride and Amsterdam Pride.

A distinctive move from Handiedan’s trademark femme fatales, Handiedan has turned her attention to the male form in this latest work. Featuring Hollywood legends, James Dean and Jean-Paul Belmondo in a loving embrace, ‘In The Treasure of Time’ is a celebration of same-sex love and the re-imagining of traditional romances. A retro aesthetic combined with a modern message.

Handiedan In The Treasure of Time - Blue

Handiedan’s creative clash between old and new takes tiny pieces of vintage imagery and re-arranges it into a fresh and contemporary style that is both modern and vintage. In this case, she has re-worked 2 dollar bills to form an intricate backdrop with the carefully crafted message, ‘United Tastes of Miracles’. Take a closer look to find the tiny characters hidden within the complexities of the background which give it a modern edge.

Exclusively available at Enter Gallery in both blue and green colourways;

In The Treasure Of Time – Green (Limited edition of 55)

In The Treasure Of Time – Blue (Limited edition of 25)


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