Ideal Christmas Art Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one can be a real rigmarole. Especially when you’re searching for the ideal item for someone who seems to have everything.

This year, why not consider giving the gift of art? Not only will a piece of art knock the socks off the person you’re buying for, but it will continue to remind them of what a great gift giver you are for years to come!

To give you an idea of the types of art gifts you can find at Enter Gallery, today we’re running through some of our suggestions for different budgets…

Under £100

Peter Blake I Love London

Impress your loved one with this instantly-recognisable piece from the Godfather of Pop Art, Peter Blake. This tin plate, printed with 10 spot colours, is a perfect example of his signature style, colour palette, and his favourite recurring motifs, the heart, star, target and rainbow. The piece is also made from 56% recycled material. If your loved one isn’t a fan of our nation’s capital, the piece is also available in I Love Recycling and I Love Vintage.


Maria Rivans Juno

For something a little glam, this Juno print from Brighton artist, Maria Rivans, could be just what you’re after. Featuring Elizabeth Taylor adorned with Rivans’ signature elaborate headdress, the piece is created to evoke a sense of joy, energy and eternal youthfulness.

Under £300

Pure Evil Madonna

Madonna fans will love this silkscreen print from Pure Evil’s iconic Nightmare series, in which he depicts celebrities with his signature falling tear – a motif he has been using since his days as a street artist. This piece depicts the Queen of Pop in the heyday of her career, dressed in the most iconic of her many, many looks. The piece is from a limited edition of 68, signed by the artist.

Jamie Reid Nowhere Buses

Nowhere Buses is a fantastic piece from infamous punk artist, Jamie Reid – a controversial artist known for his work with the Sex Pistols. Reid produced this piece in the 1970s and it was used as the single art for the punk band’s 1977 single, No Fun. From a limited edition of 300, the piece is signed and numbered by the artist.

Under £500

Paul Fuentes Palm Springs Tiger

Palm Springs Tigers is from Mexican artist, Paul Fuentes’ Travel Photography series, in which he whisks us away to enviable locations rich in endless sunshine and striking architecture. The collection combines photography and collage, and features an array of exotic animals enjoying a holiday. This giclée print is from a limited edition of 80, signed by the artist.  

Michael Spencer Jones Be Here Now

Impress the music lover in your life with this print from Michael Spencer Jones – one of the leading photographers in rock history. Spencer Jones is the creative mastermind behind some of the most significant album covers of all time, including this snap from Oasis’ Be Here Now record, which after its 1997 release became the fastest selling album in British music history. From a limited edition of 100, the print is signed by the artist.


Under £1000

Magnus Gjoen

A sculpture makes an extravagant gift as well as a talking point for the home. Through his art, Magnus Gjoen is known for delving into the balance between power and fragility, life and death, and beauty and destruction. By teaming the macabre or the deadly with exquisite patterns or paintings, Gjoen reminds us of humanity’s capacity for creating beauty one minute, and total devastation the next. 

In There are Some Dead Who are More Alive Than the Living, Gjoen’s sculpture of a skull serves as a modern momento mori – reminding us of the inevitability of death. By adorning his skull with the pattern of 18th century Delftware, the sculpture is intended to communicate the delicate balance between life and death. 

Dance Mark Vessey

A curated collection of dance bangers, 'Dance' by Mark Vessey is guaranteed to spark happy memories spent on a dancefloor. 


Dazzle P Letter

With a 'Dazzle' letter by Sir Peter Blake you are gifting both an investment piece and a personalised gift. 


You can see our full collection of art gifts here.