Looking for a street artist to paint a mural in Brighton?

Did you know that street art has been around since the days of cave painting? We love the fact that almost as far back in history as we can go, the masses have wanted to make their voices heard by putting their designs where people can see them.

There is some incredible art on the streets of Brighton (that you can see for yourself on the weekly street art tours) but this year, one of our aims as a gallery is to work on expanding upon our ethos that art is for everyone by bringing more art to the streets.

Today, we’re putting a call out to local businesses and residents who would like to sponsor or offer their walls to be painted. If you have a wall that’s crying out for a mural, read on for more information on how to make it a reality…

Finding your perfect artist

As Brighton’s longest-running independent gallery, we are at the forefront of new and exciting art. Over the 30 years that we’ve been in operation, we’ve been one of the first galleries to sell Banksy, have established one of the largest online selling platforms in the world, and have worked with the likes of Peter Blake, Damien Hirst, Obey and Grayson Perry.

We have a roster of high-profile local and internationally-acclaimed artists who are ready to come to Brighton to paint your mural.  

What benefits will a mural bring?

Over and above having an incredible artwork to look at every time you arrive at your premises, there are significant commercial benefits to having a mural. These include:

* Raising your profile

* Community engagement

* Increased footfall and average spend for businesses and host venues

* Advertising, social media, and content

* Press coverage

* Networking and business growth opportunities

* Creative education for schools, youth clubs, and groups


What will Enter Gallery offer?

We will act as the liaison between you and the artist. We will be on hand to provide support and guidance from the initial stages through to the completion of the project.

We can also promote your artwork to our audience across all of our channels, and where possible, add your location as a stop on Brighton’s Street Art Tour.

How to make it happen?

If this sounds good, and you can’t wait to add some colour to your life, here are the next steps:

1 – Peruse our artists below to choose a selection of aesthetics that you like. Contact helen@entergallery.com with a handful of options, and Helen will work with you to select the final choice.

2 – Send a photo of the wall and rough measurements. If you don’t have a big enough tape measure, someone from the gallery can pop along to measure-up.

3 – Next, we will send the measurements to the artist and get you a quote for the piece.


Please note: Our artists are at the top of their game, and that’s why we never ask them to paint for free. If you wish to get involved, please be aware that there will be a fee to cover artist costs.


Available artists

Here is a selection of artists that are available to paint your mural...


Pure Evil

Pure Evil at Enter Gallery


Handiedan at Enter Gallery


Mateo Wall Painter

Mateo Wall Painter at Enter Gallery



Maser at Enter Gallery


Lee Eelus

Lee Eelus at Enter Gallery


Rebecca Strickson

 Rebecca Strickson at Enter Gallery



Copyright at Enter Gallery


Euan Roberts

Euan Roberts at Enter Gallery 

Gemma Compton

Gemma Compton at Enter Gallery


Fanakapan at Enter Gallery

For more information, and to talk through your options, contact helen@entergallery.com