Lucy Sparrow creates a festive felt wonderland for Hermes shoppers

Lucy Sparrow transforms the Hermés storefront in Beverly Hills with a wonderfully festive display.

Working with us, Lucy Sparrow has featured her sought-after felt creations from her infamous LA Supermarket exhibition in the Brighton Gallery. The exclusive His ’n’ Hers felt display cabinet, from a limited edition of 50, features soft toothbrushes and a hand-stitched bottle of Old Spice. Published by the gallery this summer and now working with Hermés, she’s gone from Kickstarting a corner shop in London to Rodeo Drive, Beverley Hills - and we’re excited.

Lucy Sparrow, Original Artworks | Enter Gallery

Lucy, following from her huge successes including the Felt Supermarket in LA this summer and the Felt Erotic Emporium in London in 2015 offers a fresh take on a decadent classic: the Festive Window Display. A celebration of playful fun and luxury, we are taken into her felt world of wonder, discovering those luxurious purses in the midst of a multitude of jars filled with felt bonbons.

Childlike glee is what Lucy inspires in passer-bys. From seasoned fashionistas, to families returning from a meal together, no-one is safe from being stopped in their tracks with delight.

Lucy Sparrow, Original Artworks | Enter Gallery

The traditional lavishness of Hermés gets taken on a trip to the funfair, complete with a felt carousel horse and a felt covered crane-game to pick up fuzzy handbags. Lucy named the horse Herman, and he is serving equine royalty with gorgeous Hermés bracelets on his ankles just above the hooves, and he doesn’t deny himself a silk scarf either.

The interactive nature of the displays is what Lucy has always provided, how we can pick up, feel and play with her art has added a new dimension of fun and intimacy to her work. The Hermés felt crane-game elevates this further, inviting shoppers to have some fun picking up a felt wallet before seriously considering the real deal.

If you'd like to have your own Lucy Sparrow installation in your home, we are showcasing her intricate felt display cabinets in our Brighton Gallery. An opportune time to grab one before her next highly anticipated exhibition at Context in Miami, get in touch.

Lucy Sparrow, Original Artworks | Enter Gallery