Lucy Sparrow goes to Buckingham Palace!

Lucy Sparrow has come a heck of a long way since she appeared at Enter Gallery’s Art Yard Sale way back in 2016.

 Lucy Sparrow Spam

Since flogging Brighton-locals her work all those years ago in Jubilee Square, Sparrow has sewn her way across the world, stocking pop-up chemists, bodegas and delicatessens with her adorable felt art.

The artist’s latest exhibition – Tampa Fine Foods – saw Sparrow fill an entire supermarket with her unique brand of tactile treats, and now – she’s on her way to Buckingham Palace!

Lucy Sparrow Buckingham Palace

On Sunday June 5th, Sparrow is presenting a huge tea party installation at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Big Lunch at The Oval this weekend

From scotch eggs and vol-au-vents, to pavlova and fruity flans – Sparrow is representing all of our tea party favourites in her signature, too-cute-for-words style.

The installation will then go on display at Buckingham Palace from July 22nd until October 2nd 2022.


Lucy Sparrow 


His N’ Hers

Long before Sparrow was crafting her wares to delight royalty, she was already hard at work creating witty collections of everyday felt items.

His N Hers by Lucy Sparrow | Enter Gallery
For example, her His N Hers Cabinets are packed full of the kinds of items you find lurking behind the mirror in people’s medicine cabinets.

The Hers cabinet is packed with cheeky tampons, Prozac and panty-liners, the His cabinet, Viagra, condoms and Old Spice.

His N Hers Cabinets by Lucy Sparrow | Enter Gallery

Sparrow’s modern take on Pop Art portrayals of consumer goods can also be seen in Such a Sad Time – a collection of snacks you’ll come across while trying to cheer yourself up in the aisles of a convenience store.

Such a Sad Time by Lucy Sparrow | Enter Gallery


Get a taste of Sparrow’s sweet treats for yourself - her tea party delights will be on display at Buckingham Palace from July 22nd until October 2nd 2022.