Marcelina Amelia launches three new exclusives with Enter Gallery

We’re delighted to announce that three brand new Marcelina Amelia prints are soon to be launching exclusively at Enter Gallery.

Deemed ‘unquestionably an artist on the rise’ by Saatchi gallery curator, Monty Preston, UK-based artist, Marcelina Amelia, has gained international attention for her art, and is a hot favourite with collectors.

Via her unique mixed-media approach to print, painting and drawing, Amelia explores everything from religious iconography and folklore inspired by her Polish heritage, to sexuality, spirituality and the human condition. In today's blog, we're revealing a little more about the collection, and what makes Amelia's art so special.

Marcelina Amelia Barefoot in Spurs

I’m The Moon and the Sky

Each of the three exclusive prints comes from Amelia’s latest collection of visual essays, entitled ‘I’m the Moon and the Sky’. The collection was born over the course of the pandemic, and intimately charts the turbulent and transformative period during which Amelia also became a mother.

The collection is inspired by the following quote from French-American Louise Bourgeois, in which she states: ‘Art is restoration: the idea is to repair the damages that are inflicted in life, to make something that is fragmented - which is what fear and anxiety do to a person - into something whole.’ 

Marcelina Amelia Isolation Mode

Via the series, Amelia explores subjects ranging from identity crises and the meaning of freedom, to migration and vulnerability. Using her perspective as a new mother, the artist dives into the politics surrounding the female body. Comprising sketches from women’s rights marches, road trips, and of course from the endless months of stillness that the pandemic enforced, the series is a fascinating glimpse into this unprecedented time - a moment when the whole planet found itself turning inwards, realigning to the ‘new normal’ and re-examining how these shifts have redefined us as humans.


Marcelina Amelia Barefoot With Spurs

Juggling juxtapositions

One particular area of Amelia’s work that makes it so distinctive is her intriguing use of juxtapositions. By blending together big themes, such as gender, body positivity and societal conditioning, Amelia calls on us to examine the tensions, contrasts and contradictions of the human experience. She explains:


‘I like to play at the tense borders between lust and innocence; joy and sadness; fun and pain. My interest in juxtaposition comes from my origins and fascination with East European culture, which was eloquently described by Grayson Perry as ‘nowhere else could such horrific grief be met with such fairly-tale romanticism. 

I tend to utilise nature as a metaphor for everyday feelings and headaches. Although some of the subjects I take on are often quite dark I like to think that there is some humour and light in my finished artworks.’


Each of the limited edition giclée prints have deckled-edges and are beautifully hand-finished with acrylic and oil pastel. 

Each print will be available to buy at a special introductory price of £350 for 48 hours from 9am on Tuesday 2nd November. Shop Marcelina Amelia prints here