New artist: Introducing Tim Sanders

Today, allow us to uplift your week, by introducing you to Enter Gallery’s latest addition – Tim Sanders. A Brighton-born artist, Sanders creates joyful typographic artworks, inspired by culture, psychedelia and the healing power of art.

In this blog, we’re chatting to Sanders to reveal a little more about how he works, and to learn about the moments that inspired his heartening collection.


Hope limited edition art print by Tim Sanders | Enter Gallery  


High Hopes

All you typography lovers out there – this is one for you. Sanders’ vibrant combination of geometric shapes and custom lettering with an intoxicating colour palette is not only pleasing on the eye but infused with a real sense of positivity. 


My work is a form of escapism,’ says Sanders, ‘if it can bring others joy like it does me, that's a dream come true.’


Love is the Drug

Love limited edition art print by Tim Sanders | Enter Gallery

In this collection, which is available at Enter Gallery now, Sanders explores themes of love, hope and unity. We asked him to reveal more about the moment inspiration struck to explore these ideas through his art.


‘LOVE is inspired by music and psychedelia. At the beginning of lockdown we were living in Stoke Newington, all we could do was walk around Clissold Park once a day. It was so surreal, being in such a vibrant and sociable part of London, yet we were so restricted.


I missed seeing my mates, I was missing the freedom of festivals, so I was really channelling the music we'd listen to in the flat, and dreaming of fun times, psychedelia and moments of human connection over the years. I had just lost my mum to cancer before lockdown. My heart was so full, I felt so much sadness, but I wanted to express LOVE. The bright colours represent optimism for a brighter future during challenging times.’


Come Together

Unity limited edition art print by Tim Sanders | Enter Gallery

Sanders reveals that his work is inspired by the bold, typographic work of Robert Indiana, and the pattern and unexpected colour palettes of British-Moroccan artist, Hassan Hajjaj.

Tim Sanders

Like many artists, the pandemic and lockdown were what inspired Sanders to create. Speaking of his UNITY print, he explains:

‘UNITY was created following almost a year of Covid. I wanted to create a visual which represented lots of different hearts coming together as one, in unity. Our world needs it more than ever. My work is a statement of positivity which I aim to continually explore in new ways.’


Kaleidoscope Eyes

Acid limited edition art print by Tim Sanders | Enter Gallery


One element that makes Sanders’ work so special is his unique use of pattern to trick the eye into seeing his letters and objects as though leaping from the page. Here, he explains how each mind-bending work begins life:


‘The artwork concept often starts with just a word or symbol. I begin by sketching out ideas, studying the letters and then drawing them by hand. The process varies between handwork and computer, though I often prefer working to scale, by hand for the most part.’


‘I map things out in black and white lines, then scan and print miniatures which I use to explore colour variations with posca pens. Colour exploration is something I love, I often have a load of ideas which are edited down to the final one.’

Tim Sanders 

Brighten up your life today with a piece from Tim Sanders. View our collection of his artworks here.