New artworks on display at Enter Gallery’s London Pop-Up

Last night we launched Enter Gallery’s London Pop-Up, and oh what a night! Art lovers piled through the doors of our space in the Truman Brewery to experience Enter Gallery’s unique curation for the first time on London soil.

Enter Gallery London Pop Up 

You may have missed opening night but there’s still time to catch live art from Hannah Shillito and Yan Skates on Sunday 20th (1-3pm), or Arron Crascall’s Private View on Thursday 24th (7pm - 9pm).

Otherwise, our doors are open every day from 11am to 8pm, so swing by to meet our merry band of Art Consultants and to see works from some of the most exciting artists on the scene.

In today’s blog, we’re showing you a little of what went down last night, and running through some of the brand new pieces that you’ll be able to admire in situ at the Enter Gallery London Pop-Up.


Elizabeth Waggett

We’re delighted to have a selection of new works from Elizabeth Waggett on display at the Pop-Up. These beautiful bees are from Waggett’s Abeille series, which has been created especially for the event.

Abeille Elizabeth Waggett

Both the Abeille series and Rich Man’s Shoes (also on display at the Pop-Up) have quite the story behind them. Check out this blog to read all about how working on these pieces over the last year helped Waggett to recover from a life-changing accident that threatened to leave her unable to walk. Speaking of Rich Man’s Shoes, Waggett reveals: 

“Life has little ways of reminding you that you need another lesson. When I lost the ability to walk suddenly life changed dramatically and while my legs were paralysed this piece started to speak to me again. Working on it became both my escape and my motivation to get better.”

Fragility of Power Elizabeth Waggett

We have also just released two different varieties of Waggett’s enormously-popular hand-finished Longhorn works, one in gold and platinum and one in oxidised silver.

Speaking of the journey that inspired the piece, Waggett reveals:


"Having lived on Manhattan for two years, I was feeling a sense of entrapment. I wanted to see 'real America' so we set out on a road trip, heading south, exploring the different places steeped in history, the people, the food, traditions and accents."

"On the road between Austin and Houston, I fell in love with the longhorns. Their symmetry, power and beauty, all while being very delicate in balance."

Drop in to the Pop-Up to see them hanging pride of place.  


Euan Roberts

Waiting for You is an original acrylic painting by Hastings-based artist and gallery owner, Euan Roberts.

Euan Roberts

The heartfelt piece is an exploration of loss and longing designed to remind us of the beauty of the present moment. We chatted to Euan about the piece and he revealed:


The chimp is riding a bike made for two. It’s persevering despite its evident sorrow. It’s living in the here and now – something that we all strive to do. Not giving up, not giving in, but carrying that forward momentum.”


Experience the piece at the Pop-Up or snap it up online, here.


Gavin Mitchell

Also on show at the Pop-Up is this playful piece from Gavin Mitchell – an artist known for exploring the influence of the western world in his celebrated East Meets West series.

Gavin Mitchell 

The series pays homage to the Ukiyo-e style of Japanese art which flourished between the 17th and 19th centuries. Artists from the movement produced woodblock prints and paintings of folk tales, landscapes and famous beauties, actors and sumo wrestlers.

For the duration of the Pop-Up, Left Foot Red is available for a special introductory price of £650. Snap it up in the Pop-Up, or online here.  


Charlotte Rose

Charlotte Rose was at the Opening Night and is pictured here alongside 13 Stripes, the original piece she created especially for the Pop-Up.

Charlotte Rose

The painting is a continuation of themes seen in her last two sell-out solo shows, I Quit Last Week and Too Much of A Good Thing. Rose explains:


‘The iconic curves of the McDonalds Golden Arches, or the infamous Marlboro K – what ideas do these images incite in the minds of the consumer? The promise of the American Dream, the bringing together of a community? I’m interested in how, as time progresses and the population awakens to the hidden dangers of products once portrayed as their friend, the branding and the culture around it begin to fall away.’


This piece is available from our London Pop-Up, and online here.

Poppy Faun

Brighton-based artist, Poppy Faun dropped in to see her latest exclusive release with Enter Gallery, Heat, 76 now available in London.

In this limited edition print, Faun delivers her latest hit of surrealist escapism, fanning the flames with astute observations about the pressures of modern life, and humanity’s staunch ability to ignore warning signs in our pursuit to own the finer things in life.

Poppy Faun Heat

Depicting a couple reclining on a stylish lounge suite in an otherworldly environment, reminiscent of the surface of Mars, Faun explains:

 “I see this couple as a bit like Adam and Eve. They’re the first arrivals in a new civilisation who’ve left Earth and all of its many pressures behind in search of a simpler life… yet, they can’t quite let go of the material goods that people chase – the beautiful house, the stylish car and furniture. It raises the question, what do people want, a simpler life, or the materialistic things we’re taught to want?”

Shop Heat 76.


Magnus Gjoen

Master of the Macabre, Magnus Gjoen, is exhibiting two new skulls at our London Pop-Up.

Magnus Gjoen

His skulls are a beautiful reminder to live and love better. The pieces serve as modern day momento mori with the delicate patterns Gjoen overlays on them chosen to remind us of the fragility of life.

No Longer Fear the Darkness is available in black or gold.


Ryan Callanan AKA RYCA is internationally-renowned for fun artworks that combine techniques and typography used in old-fashioned pub signage with motifs from popular culture. Via his prints and signs, the artist aims to "establish the aesthetic of old-fashioned signage as an art form." 

Refuckinmarkable RYCA

 is the latest in his series of sweary sayings, and is available either at the Pop-Up or online.

Come and experience Enter Gallery’s London Pop-Up for yourself. We’re at 7 Dray Walk, Brick Lane from 11am-8pm every day until Sunday 27th November.

Enter Gallery London Pop Up

Download our guide to the London Pop Up here