New Copyright Exclusives: Breakdown & Rebuild

We are excited to tell you two exclusive new artworks from Bristol-based street and fine artist, Copyright are exclusively available at Enter Gallery.

The rousing pieces, entitled Breakdown and Rebuild sum up the physical and mental strain of the last couple of years. A beautiful celebration of what it means to break things down, so we can build them up again better.

In today’s blog, we’re revealing more about the origin of these heartening prints, and about the man behind the spray paint. 

Rebuild limited edition print by Copyright | Enter Gallery  


Breakdown and Rebuild

These companion pieces were born back in July 2021, when Copyright painted a mural on North Street in Bristol. The mural was created as part of Upfest - Europe’s largest street art festival. Every summer, street artists from around the UK and overseas flock to the Bedminster corner of Bristol to make the streets more colourful.

 Rebuild by Copyright | Enter Gallery


While the original meaning of Copyright’s mural was largely about the stress and strain caused by the pandemic, the piece took on new meaning when a vandal destroyed a number of 2021’s murals on the night they were painted. This mindless act burnt even deeper because it was the first year the city was able to host the event since lockdown began.

Rich in motifs that symbolise the complexities of the human brain, Breakdown and Rebuild are intended to evoke emotions, both good and bad. They link together the beauty that can come from breakdown, with the power of rebuilding something up again brick-by-brick.


Breakdown by Copyright | Enter Gallery


Copyright issues

Copyright is one of the UK's leading street artists. In fact, you may have spotted his trademark tag - pink roses – on your travels, a symbol which makes an appearance in both of these exclusive pieces.

The artist’s style is a real mix of disciplines, combining spray can art, graffiti and street art, with more traditional classic painting techniques and printing. His creation process is threefold: he ‘creates print styles with stencils, depth with spray paint and texture with a paintbrush.’

Copyright Exclusive

Copyright’s work has been exhibited internationally, and is known for its exploration of beauty ideals, and the unattainable standards set by modern popular culture, including the fashion, music and film industries.

The artist captures simple beauty in his work via depictions of attractive women, and repeat motifs of flowers, diamonds and butterflies.  


Breakdown and Rebuild are from limited editions of 50. Both pieces are hand-finished with gold or silver leaf, and come with deckled edges.

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