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Ever wondered why contemporary art is considered art at all? Or stood in a gallery pondering the story behind a famous artist’s life or the meaning of their piece de resistance? Let us debunk some artistic myths and weave you some stories as we discuss with the people who make creativity their life’s work.

In our latest instalment, legendary street artist Pure Evil aka Charlie Edwards and one half of popular art duo Art + Believe, Dan Doherty joined us at the Artist Residence Hotel in Brighton for a panel talk on Street Art Vs Fine Art. Hosted by Stuart from the award-winning art blog, Inspiring City.

Exchanging stories and anecdotes, Charlie and Dan provide a personal insight into the urban art scene and how street art has become more accessible to everyone. They discuss the influences both street art and fine art have had on their work and debate their place within society today.

Charlie was heavily influenced by graffiti culture, his ‘most important artistic discovery’, one that is still prevalent within his best-known work. The iconic blotch of dripping paint underneath the eye of his muses lends itself to the influence of street art, a trademark that is now globally recognised as his. The Set restaurant which hosted the 4 course tasting menu accompanying this panel talk, also have an instantly recognisable Pure Evil mural residing in their beer garden;

Art + Believe have been working as a duo for over 10 years and have been heavily influenced by street art around the world within different cultures and collaborate with other street artists on a range of projects whilst keeping their vibrant geometric signature style. They capture the essence of street art by transforming outside spaces with colourful, emotive pieces to be shared with everyone.

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