New Barbra Streisand print by Maria Rivans

At Enter Gallery, we love nothing more than seeing artistic powerhouses depicted in works of art. Whether it’s musical idols or stars of the silver screen, when someone’s creative output has influenced your life there’s something wonderful about owning a piece of art to remind you of how that hero makes you feel.

Today marks the 80th birthday of gay icon and Funny Girl, Barbra Streisand. On such a momentous occasion, we’re pleased to announce the arrival of Barbra - a new limited edition print from Maria Rivans, available exclusively at Enter Gallery.  

Barbra limited edition print by Maria Rivans | Enter Gallery


A Star is Born

Barbra tells a tale of female courage, glamour and inspiration. The piece depicts Streisand, gazing boldly at the viewer – her striking feline features reflected by the fearless wild cats prowling through the flowers that make up her headdress.

Hollywood sex symbol, Jane Russell, takes a moment to admire the view, and a powerful female stands triumphant atop a column, both images communicating the might of empowered women.  

Ever-balanced, Rivans contrasts nods to female strength and liberation with hints at vulnerability. A classical nude lounges beside a bunch of grapes, and a paparazzi bulb and tv set remind us of the pressures of stardom. Rivans explains:

‘For all the glitz and glamour, the message is clear: beauty may be in the eye of camera, but true strength comes from within.’

Maria Rivans studio


Hello Dolly

Maria Rivans is a Brighton-based artist known for richly-collaged images of vintage Hollywood starlets. In each of her detailed pieces, Rivans pays homage to the complexity of these leading ladies, dropping in colourful hints to the characteristics which defined their careers.

Via her eye for creating harmony, Rivans’ art brings a touch of order in a disordered world. Her work is a visually-pleasing reminder that part of being unapologetically human is our capacity to contain complexities that defy explanation, and each of them are beautiful.

Barbra Maria Rivans

This giclée and silkscreen print is finished with diamond dust, iridescent gold and spot varnishes. From a limited edition of 60, the piece is signed and numbered by the artist.