New Exclusive: Royal Charade by Dirty Hans

This week, we’re donning our finery and oiling our ceremonial trumpets for the arrival of a new exclusive from Enter Gallery’s very own archduke of high-impact urban art, Dirty Hans.

Royal Charade is now available to buy exclusively at Enter Gallery.

In today’s blog, Dirty Hans tells us more about the thinking behind the piece, and we discuss Hans’ artistic background and his unique knack for inserting his highly-humorous Easter eggs into each detailed creation.

Dirty Hans Royal Charade


Changing of the guard

Royal Charade is a colourful piece depicting The Royal Guard putting on a show for an excitable crowd, including a few members of the Royal Family (old and new), outside the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Hans tells us:

“Royal charade arose from the Meghan and Harry and Prince Andrew scandals. Seeing how the Royal family became almost a shambles with their antics sparked my imagination. I wanted to create a humorous view of how we view the Royals, and how many people no longer take them seriously, hence the Royal Guards wearing trainers and playing toy instruments. The message being to celebrate them, rather than worship them.”

Royal Charade Dirty Hans

The Devil’s in the Details

A huge hit in the gallery, every piece of Dirty Hans’ hanging on our walls is guaranteed to draw a crowd, with friends vying to spot the different details and what they communicate about the piece.

Like all of his works, Royal Charade has lots of wonderful details that nod to the Royal family, as well as British culture on the whole – from the hopscotch pitch and dart board, to Bungle from Rainbow and the reference to Quadrophenia.

We were curious, does Hans create a piece with those added details in mind, or do they arise later in the process? He reveals:

“I’m self-taught in all areas of art, so my process might be a little different to other artists. As there is so much detail, each piece can take between five to six months to complete. From the initial idea, I start to create a narrative, slowly building up the piece. Next, I print it off and hang it on my studio wall, where I mull over what details need to be added, before adding the finishing touches.”

Crown Jewels

When it comes to details that reference the Royal Family, some are more subtle than others, a factor which helps Hans’ achieve what is his ultimate aim for his work, “I hope that my work makes people smile, and that they see new things every time.”

Nods to the Queen and her brood include her beloved corgis, playing cards, and some choice graffiti. But what is Hans’ favourite detail that’s hidden within the piece?

“My favourite part is the pigeons pecking at the Pizza Express box, laying discarded in the road. Nearby you’ll also spot a couple of Pizza Express chefs – both of which are references to Prince Andrew. I also like the Banksy Balloon Girl on the side of the palace, which is a motif I’ve included in other works.”

Royal Charade is available to buy now, exclusively at Enter Gallery.