New Exclusives from Hannah Shillito

As the world braces itself for the next instalment of Harry & Meghan on Netflix, we’ve got you covered with the perfect new artworks for you…whichever side of the fence your opinion may fall.

Yas Hazza limited edition art print by Hannah Shillito | Enter Gallery

Hannah Shillito’s exuberant work radiates colour, positivity and a wonderful cheekiness that immediately sets it apart as a work from this Brighton artist.

In a continuation of her enormously-popular piece, Yas Queen, released earlier this year, Yas Hazza and Haz Been are available now, exclusively at Enter Gallery. 

In today’s blog, we’re telling you everything you need to know about these fun new pieces, and chatting to Shillito about what inspired them…

Battle Royale

According to the UK press, Harry and Meghan’s popularity has plummeted as a result of the controversial docuseries. But on the flip-side, the Netflix show has smashed all previous records for a documentary, with the first three episodes clocking up a whopping 81.55 million viewing hours around the world. Shillito explains: 


“It’s just everywhere at the moment, and on social media you can’t move for people talking about it. Everyone has an opinion, nobody is really on the fence. I’ve done the two sides of the story so that no matter where you stand, there’s a piece for you.”


Haz Been limited edition art print by Hannah Shillito | Enter Gallery


The Royal Treatment

In line with her Yas Queen piece, Shillito has inserted a couple of fun details into the print for the eagle-eyed amongst you.

Firstly, Harry is dressed in his army uniform, as both a nod to his career in the military and his battle for freedom from the monarchy and its rigid expectations. Pinned proudly on his cap is a declaration of his love for Meghan.

On his collar is the word, ‘Spare’ - a nod to the phrase ‘an heir and a spare’. This term is commonly used to describe a monarch and their sibling, and originates back in the days when Royal families would have more than one child to ensure if death befell the next in line, there would still be one remaining sibling to take the throne. Nowadays, the phrase more accurately describes Harry’s predicament as someone thrust into the unceasing limelight with no clearly defined role.

Incidentally, ‘Spare’ is also the name of Harry’s upcoming memoir – due for release on January 10th 2023.


Yas Hazza and Haz Been are both available now, exclusively at Enter Gallery.