New Release: Black Anarchy by Jamie Reid

When the stars aligned and Jamie Reid and Malcolm McLaren met at Croydon School of Art, little did they know that their mutual interest of art, protest and politics would lead to them becoming defining figures of the British punk movement.



Today, we’re delighted to be bringing you a very special piece of that punk history, and for lovers of the scene and the culture that surrounds it, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Jamie Reid has journeyed deep into his extensive archives for this one. In today’s blog, we’re shouting about Black Anarchy, a new limited edition silkscreen print available now at Enter Gallery.

 Black Anarchy limited edition art print by Jamie Reid | Enter Gallery


A Piece of Punk History

Let’s begin by digging into the history of this extraordinary limited edition piece. Black Anarchy is a silkscreen print of the very first artwork created by Reid in collaboration with Malcom McLaren and the Sex Pistols. It was used to promote the band’s debut single, Anarchy in the UK, in the music magazines of the time.


Picture: John Mead/Mirrorpix/Mirrorpix via Getty Images 

We all know what happened next…the Sex Pistols became one of the biggest bands of our generation, with Reid’s artistic style and ransom-style lettering providing the suitably-rebellious aesthetic for the band’s record covers, gig posters, and merchandise.

Reid’s artworks are some of the most in demand at Enter Gallery, with pieces like Fuck Forever and God Save the Queen – described as ‘the single most iconic image of the punk era' - proving enduringly-popular and highly-collectible.

God Save the Queen, Gold on White by Jamie Reid | Enter Gallery

Anarchic Ephemera

Black Anarchy, originally hand-painted by Reid, depicts John Lydon (or Johnny Rotten to his friends) on the right, and bassist, Glen Matlock on the left.

It was printed at the Peckham offices of Reid’s pre-agit-prop collective, Suburban Press – the radical political magazine that Reid spearheaded for five years in the early 1970s.

Image: Courtesy of Suburban Press.


This piece signals the start of an artistic journey that has endured to this day. Buy yours today.

Black Anarchy
is a silkscreen print from a limited edition of 200, signed by the artist.