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While we don’t necessarily condone taking the Lord’s name in vain (particularly in the month we celebrate his resurrection) we just can’t resist RYCA’s cheeky collection of expletive-insertions, which always put a smile on our faces.

RYCA Ryan Callanan

Jesusfuckinchrist is the latest piece in the series, in which he inserts swear words into common phrases, playfully immortalising sayings that have become a part of British popular culture.

In today’s blog, we’re showcasing the exclusive piece, and revealing more about the method and mindset behind RYCA’s artistic magic.


Jesusfuckinchrist by Ryan Callanan AKA RYCA | Enter Gallery


Sign of the Times

Every artwork that RYCA creates begins with borrowing symbols, sayings and iconography from popular British culture. He explains:

‘It is important to me that my work is recognisable and accessible, that is why I like to experiment with symbols that I grew up with by appropriating them and giving them a humorous twist.’

His highly-collectible pub signs are a prime example of his nostalgia-provoking oeuvre. By combining something we’re used to unconsciously absorbing (the pub sign), with a statement, saying, or lyric, RYCA demonstrates how these phrases become part of the everyday modern vernacular.


Chopfuckinchop by Ryan Callanan AKA RYCA | Enter Gallery


Art for all

The beauty of creating art out of elements that people are familiar with is that it makes it accessible for all. Whether it’s references from film, art, or music history, RYCA’s art has the capacity to capture collective sentiment, or to take you right back to the moments you heard those lyrics for the first time.


Swear Down  

RYCA isn’t the first to use swear words in his art, and he certainly won’t be the last. At Enter Gallery alone, some of our most popular works include the odd rude word, such as Fuck Forever by Jamie Reid, Come In Closer by Richard Berner and We’re in the Shit by Magda Archer.

Given some swear words have been around for over 1,000 years, perhaps even their use evokes a sense of nostalgia in us all.

Absobloodylutely by Ryan Callanan AKA RYCA | Enter Gallery  


Jesusfuckinchrist is a signed silkscreen print, from a limited edition of 50. This piece is available exclusively at Enter Gallery. Snap yours up here.

The piece is also available in a gold ornate frame and a black ornate frame.

Ryan Callanan

Ryan Callanan