Richard Berner Exclusive: The Wave of Champions

Rolling into the gallery this week is The Wave of Champions - a brand new piece from Brighton-based artist, Richard Berner, available exclusively at Enter Gallery.

Berner is internationally-renowned for meticulous works of art created from a cast of figures that he calls ‘champs’. His work coaxes the viewer to come closer for a better look, and to discover the pain-staking detail that brings his art to life.

In today’s blog, we’re revealing everything you need to know about this new piece, and how you can get your hands on a copy before they’re all washed away.

A Wave of Champions by Richard Berner | Enter Gallery


The Wave of Champions

The Wave of Champions is the latest of Berner’s releases created in homage to great works of art. In the past, we’ve seen him recreate works from Vincent Van Gogh and Salvador Dali.

In this exclusive, he interprets The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Japanese artist, Hokusai – an artwork that symbolises the irresistible force of nature.

 A Wave of Champions by Richard Berner | Enter Gallery


The piece, which is created using inks, fine liners and gouache paints, is a continuation of two characteristics of Berner’s work: his distinctive sense of humour and his interest in juxtaposing life and death.

Look closer, and you’ll see his champs both surviving and perishing at the hands of the mighty ocean, showing how hope and despair often go hand-in-hand.


Champion(s) of the world

Back when Berner was attending art college and dabbling in using his champs for the first time, his tutors informed him in no uncertain terms that there was, ‘no future in drawing his weird little characters’.

Come in Closer by Richard Berner | Enter Gallery


How wrong they were! After completing his studies and making the move to Brighton, Berner’s cast of champs were set free and the artist hasn’t looked back since.

Over the years, Berner has used his little friends, who’ve been interpreted as everything from lost souls to lemmings, to create intricate insects, flowers, and characters from popular culture. 

Le Sommeil limited edition print by Richard Berner


The Wave of Champions is a giclée print with hand-torn edges, finished with gold leaf. From a limited edition of 25, it comes signed and numbered by the artist. Snap up your Wave of Champions here.