Staff Picks for April

Spring has sprung at Enter Gallery, and we have an exciting month ahead as we prepare for our return to London for our Pop-Up on Brick Lane.

As always, we have lots of new and exclusive pieces in the gallery, as well as our extensive archive of works from the likes of Jamie Reid, Bonnie and Clyde and Sir Peter Blake.  

To help you find the artwork of your dreams, in today’s blog Enter Gallery’s team of Art Consultants have selected their favourite pieces this month…


Emily’s pick is Bollocks, Daffodils by Hannah Shillito and Yan Skates

Bollocks, Daffodils by Hannah Shillito and Yan Skates | Enter Gallery


“I love this entire collection, but this piece in particular because when I interviewed for my position here, I had my interview in the kitchen. I saw this piece and thought, ‘I really want to work here’. I love Hannah – she’s a brilliant artist. She’s so joyful, wherever she goes, the sun shines. And Yan is incredibly talented too. My Mum was a florist so it’s a craft that I really appreciate. I think the collection is a really original and creative idea. I like that it’s taking the piss out of the art world a little bit, and it’s just funny! I love watching people walk past them and laugh – that gives me a lot of joy.” Emily


Will’s pick is Fuck Forever, Silver by Jamie Reid

Fuck Forever, Silver art print by Jamie Reid | Enter Gallery

“This is such a cool piece. This particular print is from 1977 and the teal and fluorescent inks on it look amazing - they’re my favourite colours on any piece in the gallery. It’s also a great size. We’re coming to the end of the edition so they are becoming harder and harder to get, and Reid’s work is only getting more relevant. It’s a great piece, whether as an investment or just to personally own a piece of music history.” Will



Della's pick is Sale Ends V2 by Banksy 


Sale Ends V2 limited edition art print by Banksy | Enter Gallery


“I’ve been working on secondary market sales recently and we’re selling this incredible piece on behalf of a client. It’s always exciting to have a Banksy in the gallery – it creates such a buzz with people coming in especially to see it. The client was so excited to have his piece hanging on the wall at Enter Gallery that he even came in to have his photo taken with it. It’s a fantastic piece – everyone should come and see it for themselves.” Della

Katherine’s pick is His N Hers by Lucy Sparrow
His n' Hers artwork by Lucy Sparrow | Enter Gallery

“I like everything about these cabinets. The amount of work that has gone in to hand-making every element is insane. It’s very different to a lot of the other art that we have in the gallery. People are drawn in by the colours of the piece, and always appreciate the attention to detail. You can really see the time and thought that’s gone into it. I love all the cheeky things you’ll find it there – laxatives, Xanax, the little tampons. I like the fact that the cabinets come as a pair. Anyone who has them in their house would be very lucky. Maybe one day!” Katherine


Laura’s pick is Cupid, Love Not War Skate Deck by Magnus Gjoen  

Cupid, Love Not War Skate Deck by Magnus Gjoen | Enter Gallery

“I love the combination of the cute little Cupid and the fact that he’s holding a bomb. That element of Magnus’s work is so interesting - how he explores humanity’s capacity for great love and beauty one minute, and mass destruction the next. I also love the image of Cupid shredding it on Mount Olympus.” Laura


Tim’s pick is Oracle II by Mateo Humano

Oracle II limited edition art print by Mateo Humano | Enter Gallery

“I love all of Mateo’s work - the concept, the structure, the way he connects the female form into the pattern of the carpets, and the colourways are always really complimentary. This piece is special as it uses augmented reality to bring it to life through your phone – it gives you that added element for free, and I love a bargain! With this piece, you get a beautiful artwork for your wall and that little something special to show off to your mates.” Tim


Megan’s pick is Volume II: Delft Box Set by Magnus Gjoen

 Delft Box Set


This box set is such a beautiful example of Magnus’s exploration of themes of life and death. I like the subtle elegance of it, the gold leaf elements, and how clever he has been with how he has used the Delft porcelain design to add detail to each piece. This box set would look great in any home.” Megan