Artist Mural Commissions

Brighton street art is known around the world for being some of the very best there is. Our city is home to iconic graffiti artworks, ranging from Banksy’s notorious Kissing Coppers on the walls of the Prince Albert pub, to the prolific works of street art royalty, REQ, SinnaOne Cassette Lord and The Postman.  

As an independent gallery that’s been active on the UKs thriving art scene for more than 30 years, Enter Gallery is connected with an incredible selection of contemporary artists and top tier mural painting artists in Brighton and beyond.  

If you’re looking to commission an artist to paint a mural on your home or business, you’re in the right place. Enter Gallery can help you find and connect with the perfect street artist for you.  



Benefits to Your Business 
Beyond having a fantastic artwork to look at every time you arrive at your premises, there are significant commercial benefits to having a mural, including: 

* Raising your profile 

* Community engagement 

* Increased footfall and average spend for businesses and host venues 

* Great advertising, social media and content opportunities for your business 

* Widespread press coverage 

* Networking and business growth opportunities 

* Creative education for schools, youth clubs, and groups 

A Case Study 

In 2023, Enter Gallery brought Canadian mural artist, Ola Volo to Brighton, to paint her first mural in the UK. Volo is internationally renowned for large-scale murals depicting empowered women proudly taking up space. Her murals can be found around the world from Mexico to Montreal.  


Volo’s mural is located at popular Brighton café, Blend and Brew Cafe on Over Street, close to Brighton station. Volo’s appearance attracted crowds of people, keen to watch her work, including art students from around the city. Her appearance in Brighton was covered widely by local media including Brighton Argus and Inspired City. The café also used Volo’s imagery on their range of branded coffee beans.  


Street Artists available for Commission 

We have a roster of high-profile local and internationally-acclaimed contemporary artists ready to paint your mural. Here is just a small selection of some of our best…  



Fanakapan is a spray paint artist who has painted unbelievably lifelike murals around the world. Known as the ‘Pioneer of Balloon Graffiti’, his inflatables are so realistic, they appear real until you get up close.  



Handiedan is a Dutch street artist who creates highly-detailed murals exploring feminine strength. Her works juxtapose traditional pin-up girls with ornate backgrounds to create a futuristic vision of beauty.  


Ben Eine  

Ben Eine came up on the street art scene at the same time as Banksy. Together they launched Pictures on Walls Gallery, and the duo were so close there were even rumours that Banksy employed Eine to paint his artworks for him.  


Eine is known for typographic artworks and has created a number of his own signature fonts, which are widely known in street art circles. Eine became a household name after David Cameron gifted Barack Obama one of his works, and in 2018 he unveiled a mural in East London so large it can be seen from space. 


Mr Cenz 

Mr Cenz is known for large-scale freestyle murals and paintings described as ‘surrealist graffiti art for the soul’. Since being commissioned to paint his first mural at the age of 11, he’s earned a reputation for futuristic and photorealistic images of powerful women, infused with funk and movement.  


Lee Eelus 

Lee Eelus is a Brighton-based artist, and another who rose to prominence around the same time as Banksy. His vibrant visual language is characterised by colour and movement. Via his art, Lee explores the relationship between light and dark, the beauty in the mundane and the humour in the macabre. 


How Will Enter Gallery Help? 

Enter Gallery will act as the liaison between you and your chosen artist. We’ll be on hand to provide support and guidance from the initial stages through to the completion of the mural. We will also promote your artwork to our audience across our social media channels, and where possible, add your location as a stop on Brighton’s Street Art Tour. 

Make it Happen 

If this sounds good, here are the next steps: 

1 – Peruse our artists to choose a selection of aesthetics that you like. Contact with a handful of options, and Helen will work with you to select the final choice. 

2 – Send a photo of your wall and rough measurements. If you’d like someone from Enter Gallery to come along to measure up, simply drop us a line and we’ll book in a time and date.  

3 – We send the measurements to the artist and get you a quote for the piece. 


Please note: Our artists are at the top of their game, so we never ask them to paint for free. If you wish to have a mural painted, please be aware there will be a fee to cover the artist’s costs.