Prints exclusive to Enter Gallery

As well as a wide selection of limited edition prints we have a hand picked range of exclusive prints from a variety of UK and international artists.

Brighton based artists Hutch and Screen Prince both hand print their own work. Every one of Screen Princes stunning music inspired prints are only available from our gallery. Keep an eye out for new works by Screen Prints arriving soon. Hutch’s Girl and Boy juggler prints are exclusive to our gallery and inspired by some work he did on the front of our Brighton gallery.


Spanish born artist Lidia de Pedro first came into our Brighton gallery when she was working over here as a graphic designer. We have now had five exclusive limited edition prints form her. Her first three editions ‘Imma la dulce’ ‘Lourdes Way’ and ‘Dear Mother’ all sold out. But if you like her style she has one prints which are currently still available ‘The Circus’.


In recent months we have been working with artists on publishing exclusive limited edition prints. He then introduced us to Italian stencil artists Sten & Lex who produced a stunning limited edition ‘In Aeternum Gloriae’ the small version of which is still available.