New David Spiller 'I Don't Know' print lands at artrepublic Brighton.

‘I Don’t Know’ is an amazing limited edition print from the highly collectable David Spiller. This is the third print David has released and with his work currently on display at the London Art Fair will surely fly out through the door.

David Spiller was born in Dartford in 1942 and grew up in era that saw music explode and pop culture firmly establish itself in the UK.

From an early age David demonstrated a massive interest in cartoon characters with Mickey Mouse, Felix the Cat and Donald Duck firm favourites.

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David attended art school in the early 1960’s and witnessed first hand the rise of British Pop art. These days played a massive part in influencing his approach to painting and pushed him into a more urban style of art.

David pulls many of his images from that magical world of Saturday morning cartoons, he takes these characters and splatters them with paint, random colour dots and adorns them with an eclectic mix of lyrics and quotes. The lyrics and quotes that David scribbles with a child like quality to deface his pictures do not detract from the image but add a new angle for the viewer to interpret his work.

David’s pictures work on many levels and all carry a powerful sense of connection between the art of painting and music. Lyrics from Jerry Lee Lewis, Bob Dylan, John Lennon and many other music legends can be found on his canvases.