Friday 13th May - Enter Gallery Lates

Looking for things to do in Brighton while in town for Great Escape Festival? Join us at Enter Gallery Lates on Friday 13th May. 


Enter Gallery Lates

In between seeing bands, swing by Enter Gallery to experience Brighton art at its best. The evening will kick off at 6pm and our doors will be open until 8pm. Rodrigo and Tracey from King Lagoons Flying Swordfish dance band will be performing. 

Rodrigo and Tracey King Lagoons Flying Swordfish Band

At Enter Gallery you’ll discover pieces from leading artists like Grayson Perry, Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and Peter Blake, alongside exciting up-and-coming talent like Charlotte Rose, Colin Barnes and Conor Murgatroyd.


Can't make it? 

Don't worry - we’re holding another Enter Gallery Lates on Friday May 27th.

That evening, guests will be able to preview a wall of artworks created exclusively for Enter Gallery’s Art Yard Sale – one of the most exciting art events on the jam-packed Brighton Fringe roster. 

The Art Yard Sale is happening from 11-5am on Sunday 5th June in Jubilee Square, Brighton. Read everything you need to know about the Art Yard Sale, and how you can meet and buy art directly from 32 leading contemporary artists here.

Join us Enter Gallery Lates on Friday 13th May on Bond Street, Brighton.