Enter Gallery’s Staff Picks

With our extensive archive of artworks, and exciting new pieces arriving every week, it can prove a little overwhelming knowing where to begin when you walk through the doors of Enter Gallery.

With this in mind, today we’re bringing you a selection of staff picks from the Enter Gallery team, so you can get an idea of some of the limited edition artworks making an impression this month…


Will’s pick is Bloody Empire by Jamie Reid

Bloody Empire, Rhubarb and Custard by Jamie Reid | Enter Gallery


Bloody Empire is a really recent print by Jamie Reid but it’s done with the classic silkscreen which gives it the same appearance as his earlier prints. It’s really cool to see that his work remains so relevant – it’s never gone out of style, and I don’t think it ever will. Reid is probably one of the most underrated artists we have at the gallery. His impact is massive and the price of his work isn’t much considering its cultural impact. Bloody Empire is very cool. It touches on issues of the monarchy and colonialism in Reid’s classic way. It comes in three different colourways, each one amazing.” 


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Laura’s pick is Rich Man’s Shoes by Elizabeth Waggett

Rich Man's Shoes limited edition print by Elizabeth Waggett | Enter Gallery

“Elizabeth Waggett is so talented and her technical ability is really something. I love the symmetry of this piece and the story behind it is incredible. The artist was working on Rich Man’s Shoes as she recovered from an accident which left her unsure of whether she would ever walk again. The result is beautiful and inspiring.

It also reminds me of one of my favourite movies, The Shawshank Redemption, and the moment of the big reveal when Red asks, ‘Seriously, how often do you really look at a man’s shoes?’”


View works by Elizabeth Waggett.


Della’s pick is Flowers of Dover by Gary Hume


Flowers of Dover I limited edition art print by Gary Hume | Enter Gallery


“I’ve chosen one of our latest arrivals – Gary Hume’s Flowers of Dover series. Beautiful in their quality and simplicity, this series gives you space for contemplation.”


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Megan’s pick is God Save the Queen, Gold on White by Jamie Reid

God Save the Queen, Gold on White by Jamie Reid

“I’ve been admiring
God Save the Queen a lot recently because of Vivienne Westwood’s recent passing. I like this version of the classic piece because often Jamie Reid’s work can be quite brash colour-wise, but there’s something so elegant about the gold on white. Even though the sentiment of the piece is quite aggressive, it’s also pretty to look at. I love the silkscreen finish to it that gives it a nice golden shine.”


View works by Jamie Reid.


Tim’s pick is Party Heads by Fanakapan

 Party Heads limited edition art print by Fanakapan | Enter Gallery

“This piece is exclusive to Enter Gallery and is from Fanakapan’s
solo show with us back in August 2022. Party Heads is a great piece from an artist that is on the up-and-up, and it’s available at a really accessible price point. It’s exciting to see what he is up to and how he is developing the balloon-style graffiti that he pioneered.

Recently he was over in Japan doing an amazing piece of a crushed spray can at a skate park out there. Some of the small and reasonably-priced prints he made for our Art Yard Sale last year have already increased in value so his work is a great investment, and let’s be honest, every home needs a little more disco ball action.”


View works by Fanakapan.


Emily's pick is Never Stop Loving by Dave White

Never Stop Loving limited edition art print by Dave White | Enter Gallery


"I've chosen Dave White's Never Stop Loving because it's such a skilful piece. I love how sweet and innocent the rabbit is, but it also has a knowing look in his eye, which I enjoy.

I love the message of this artwork, and feel like, as we start out in 2023, it has a fitting message to carry into the new year. It feels nice and timely as, according to the Chinese Zodiac, this year is the Year of the Rabbit! I'm also excited for Dave's Sneakers show at Enter Gallery on February 3rd."

If you'd like to join us at Dave White's upcoming solo show at Enter Gallery, RSVP here to secure your space. 


View more works by Dave White. 


Katherine’s pick is Battle on Mount Atlas by Euan Roberts

Battle on Mount Atlas art print by Euan Roberts | Enter Gallery


“I love Euan’s work, it’s so playful and childlike, and brings in darker themes in a really happy manner. We’ve got Not Too Bad at home and absolutely love it. Battle on Mount Atlas is a little different from his more recent works, but it’s still got the same colourful playful elements that identify it as a piece by him. I also love that it’s inspired by the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat.”


View works by Euan Roberts.


Harley's pick is Elements of Acid House, Mini by RYCA

Elements of Acid House, Mini by Ryan Callanan aka RYCA | Enter Gallery


"I love this piece because of the conversations that it generates with people when they come into the gallery. RYCA has captured so many elements of rave culture in the artwork, and it's fun to watch as people connect the dots. If you love rave music, and were there in its heyday, then this artwork is piece of pure fun for your wall that will always spark fun memories."

Elements of Acid House


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Poppy's pick is Contact, Merge, Void 01 by Boo Saville

Contact, Merge, Void 01 limited edition print by Boo Saville | Enter Gallery

"I adore this piece by Boo Saville - it's my favourite in the gallery purely because of the positive energy that it gives off. The colours are so emotive and it transports me into a different world just through the power of colour."

 View works by Boo Saville. 


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