Art Yard Sale 2020 Goes Virtual

A destination for art lovers across the country and one of the highlights of Brighton Fringe Festival, our annual Art Yard Sale is a fun day designed for everyone to be able to buy contemporary art, direct from the artists who create it.

Drawing a big crowd to Brighton’s Jubilee Square each year, we decided that with Covid-19 making big crowds a big no no, we would have to postpone this year’s event until further notice.

As business continues to be unusual, and future event planning near impossible, we decided the only way to go this year was virtual… Enter the Virtual Art Yard Sale!

The Virtual Art Yard Sale

The Virtual Art Yard Sale

The Art Yard Sale has been an opportunity for artists to give back to their followers, by selling artworks and prints either created especially for the event or being sold at a one-off reduced price.

So how can we recreate this online? The Virtual Art Yard Sale will run from 9am on 30th October to 9am on 2nd of November where a selection of artworks will all be available to buy exclusively at and at Enter Gallery, Brighton.

Each participating artist has produced either a limited edition print at a special price for the Art Yard Sale weekend or they will be launching a timed release which will only be available to buy for that weekend. So don’t miss out!

Timed Release: A timed release is a limited edition print which is only available to buy for a specified period of time. The number of prints sold within this time determine how big the edition of the print run will be. So for example, if 50 of the print are sold over the Art Yard weekend then that print will be a limited edition of 50.

Special priced items – Only available over the Art Yard Sale weekend at a specially discounted price. If the edition is not sold out over the weekend then some prints may be available to buy later but at an increased price.

View the artworks at Enter Gallery

From Friday 30th October, all the participating artworks will be on display at Enter Gallery to view and buy as part of the Virtual Art Yard Sale. Our friendly gallery team will be able to advise you further on the bespoke framing available and answer any questions you may have about the artworks.

See all the artworks that will be up for grabs here.

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Any questions about how the Virtual Art Yard Sale works or the artists taking part? Talk to us on live chat at the bottom right of the screen.

Massive thanks to Rebecca Strickson for designing the 2020 Art Yard Sale logo.

Artists taking part in the 2020 Virtual Art Yard Sale;

Marcelina Amelia Dan Hillier Dave Buonaguidi Richard Berner Bonnie and Clyde Cleo Barbour Haus of Lucy Gemma Compton CJP Eelus Poppy Faun Oli Fowler Geckor Dirty Hans Magnus Gjoen Ramon Maiden Gavin Mitchell Louise McNaught JanaNicole Dan Pearce Richard Pendry Pure Evil Sara Pope Maria Rivans Ryca Rebecca Strickson Benjamin Thomas Taylor Rob Wass Joe Webb Cassandra Yap Sinna One Sarah Arnett