Enter Gallery’s New Artists 2022

There’s always something happening at Enter Gallery. Whether we’re hosting art shows, running Kids Clubs, or launching new artists, you can guarantee we will bring you the best art events in Brighton.

One factor that lies at the heart of everything we do is a drive to discover new artists and to bring their work to Enter Gallery patrons.

In today’s blog, we’re looking at every exciting artist that we welcomed into the Enter Gallery family in 2022… 


Toxicómano Callejero

It was at Miami Art Week in 2021 that our Creative Director, Lindsay, and Art Buyer, Helen, came across the work of Colombian street artists Toxicómano Callejero and Erre.

Limited edition art prints by Toxicómano Callejero | Enter Gallery

The pair reminded us of the power that street art has to bring social concerns to the fore and to raise collective consciousness.

All Cats Are Beautiful art print by Toxicomano Callejero | Enter Gallery  

Learn more about Toxicómano Callejero.


Through his murals and prints, enigmatic Toxicómano Callejero (‘Street Junkie’) tackles themes ranging from human rights and media control, to police brutality and racism.



Erre’s political street art is a rousing cry against inequality of all kinds, but with an emphasis on uplifting and empowering women, and challenging the insidious culture of machismo in her native South America.


Erre’s stencilled punk-inspired pieces tackle race, corruption and hypocrisy and regularly feature fierce female role models challenging authority, or blowing up existing systems of oppression. Her work is intended to inspire women to come together to fight for a better future.

Callejeras limited edition art print by Erre | Enter Gallery

Learn more about Erre.



March was a busy month for new artists at Enter Gallery. First, we welcomed the ‘pioneer of balloon graffiti’ – Fanakapan – an artist whose mind-bendingly realistic artworks need to be seen to be believed.

Limited edition art prints by Fanakapan | Enter Gallery

Fanakapan was working as a prop maker for Nickelodeon when he first discovered his knack for free-hand spray painting while painting a balloon dog for his friend’s wedding. The artist had unwittingly stumbled upon his unique ability to create flat pieces that appear to inflate off the wall.

Pet Hate, Lilac limited edition art print by Fanakapan | Enter Gallery

Discover more about Fanakapan.


In 2022, we hosted Fanakapan’s biggest UK solo show to date, Pulling Faces, featuring an exclusive limited edition print and a number of originals.


Colin Barnes

Next up, we welcomed Colin Barnes, a London-based artist, known for visually-fun and thought-provoking artworks inspired by comic books and graffiti.

Limited edition art prints by Colin Barnes | Enter Gallery


Barnes released two prints with Enter Gallery - Visible Invisible I and Visible Invisible II, both of which are explorations of childhood cartoon, Tom and Jerry, highlighting the type of micro-aggressions that permeate black representation in popular culture.

Visible Invisible I limited edition print by Colin Barnes | Enter Gallery Learn more about Colin Barnes.



Jack Stocker

In April, we added Brighton-based photographer and graphic designer, Jack Stocker, to our books, and his Minimal Sneaker Study collection went down an absolute storm.

Limited edition art prints by Jack Stocker | Enter Gallery


In the series, Stocker breaks down the shapes of classic Nike Air Max’s, offering his unique take on sneaker art previously explored by celebrated artists like Dave White, Andy Warhol and Sir Peter Blake.  

Art Max 90 Infrared limited edition print by Jack Stocker | Enter Gallery

Learn more about Jack Stocker here.

Bradley Theodore

Next up was Bradley Theodore, a New York-based artist known for ‘painting beauty in an ugly world’.

Limited edition art prints by Bradley Theodore | Enter Gallery


His colourful portraits of the skeletons of pop culture icons and fashion royalty are characterised by saturated colours and vivid brushstrokes. By stripping influential figures down to their bare bones, Theodore’s work explores the contrast between the internal and external self.

Eternal Queen Set art prints by Bradley Theodore | Enter Gallery

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Theodore honed his craft by going into near-isolation to paint all-day-every-day, while also studying the techniques of some of the greatest artists of our age. When he emerged, he painted his now infamous mural of Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour. The piece went viral, and Theodore’s work is now lauded in all corners of the world.

Babak Ganjei

Limited edition art prints by Babak Ganjei | Enter Gallery

Back in June, the Enter Gallery team were in stitches over the scrawled musings of Babak Ganjei – a London-based artist, known for dated suggested menus, ‘For Sale’ ads for tribute band names, and his wildly-popular ‘Film Series’, featuring downright bonkers ideas for movies.

Rodeo, 10th limited edition art print by Babak Ganjei | Enter Gallery  

Learn more about Babak Ganjei.


Arron Crascall

If you’re all clued up on the biggest names in social media, chances are you’ve seen Arron Crascall confusing members of the public with his ridiculous online pranks. With millions of followers across his social platforms, Crascall has attracted the attention of comedy icons like Jack Black, Jennifer Aniston and Seth Rogen.

Original and limited edition art prints by Arron Crascall | Enter Gallery


When he’s not making people laugh for a living, Crascall is a talented artist, creating chaotic abstract artworks inspired by icons of popular culture.

Original and limited edition art by Arron Crascall | Enter Gallery

Learn more about Arron Crascall.


In 2022, Enter Gallery hosted Since 16, Crascall’s sell-out first solo art show, followed by a Private View of new original artworks and limited editions at our London Pop-Up at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane.  


Mark Woolley

As we bid summer goodbye, we welcomed Mark Woolley - London and Sussex-based artist and Founder of leading UK hair brand, Electric, to Enter Gallery.

Limited edition art prints by Mark Woolley | Enter Gallery

Woolley’s art is inspired by pop culture and a burning desire to celebrate British creativity. His piece, Legend and Folklore of Brighton, which he started crafting during lockdown, features more than 300 images that represent the diversity and creative spirit of Brighton. As Woolley explains, he wanted to include:

“Everyone from people who used to sell drugs in The Zap club in the 90s to people serving ice cream on the seafront.”

Legend and Folklore of Brighton and Hove by Mark Woolley | Enter Gallery

Read more about Mark Woolley.


At a star-studded auction at Brighton Beach House, Woolley auctioned off prints and an original of the artwork to raise funds for Centrepoint and three Brighton-based charities, raising more than £20,000.


Hannah Shillito

Things got decidedly more colourful in September when contemporary artist, Hannah Shillito joined Enter Gallery, bringing us her maximalist celebrations of pleasure and positivity.


Limited edition art prints by Hannah Shillito | Enter Gallery

Following her piece, Yas Queen being a big hit at September’s Virtual Art Yard Sale, Shillito made an appearance at Enter Gallery’s London Pop-Up. She was there alongside her collaborator in her Hannah Shillito x Yan Skates collection of attention-grabbing works, combining Skates’ floristry skills with Shillito’s unique brand of text-based cheekiness.


Hannah Shillito x Yan Skates limited edition prints | Enter Gallery

 Learn more about Hannah Shillito. 

Lucie Flynn

In November, Enter Gallery welcomed Lucie Flynn – an artist whose work, whether that’s her woodcut prints or large scale murals, is characterised by vibrant clashing colours, and sweeps and splatters of paint which imbue each piece with a palpable sense of energy.


Original and Limited Edition art by Lucie Flynn | Enter Gallery


Flynn’s artistic journey has been long and varied, from exhibiting her work fresh out of art school alongside the likes of Banksy and The Chapman Brothers to working at Damien Hirst’s notorious art factory – both producing art and managing the YBAs vast collection.

Whether it’s text-based pieces, or beautiful portraits of the female form, Flynn’s art is inspired by motherhood, and the ‘strength and freedom of being a woman.’

Nudie original painting by Lucie Flynn | Enter Gallery

Read more about Lucie Flynn.


Kate Jenkins

Our final artist to come onboard in 2022 was Kate Jenkins – a Brighton-based artist with a background in knitwear design who is rather handy with a pair of knitting needles.

Limited edition and original art by Kate Jenkins | Enter Gallery


“I use the same techniques I used on these garments in my artworks. All of the sequinning you see on my sardines, for example, is the same technique that you would find on a couture item, like a Chanel jacket. It’s high fashion techniques put into a different format.”

Jenkins produces tactile depictions of our favourite food and drink items, and over the years she has knitted, crocheted and hand-sewn everything from an entire greasy spoon café and fish counter, to an ice cream parlour named ‘Kate’s Cones’.

Tins of Fins limited edition art print by Kate Jenkins | Enter Gallery


Currently, Jenkins’ has taken over the new wing of Museum Rijswijk, bringing the people of The Netherlands Café Kate, a ‘knitted and crocheted food universe’, which includes a bakery, an ice cream parlour and a café serving Dutch favourites.

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