Ghost Town: The Park

Ghost Town: The Park

Without the high street, where else would people congregate than down the local park. Lucy explains: 

"In conjunction with Ghost Town’s high street shops, I wanted to build a community of people who inhabit that town. In much the same way I transformed those outdated shop fronts into the shops of today, I took a series of unloved, old-fashioned ceramic figurines and turned them into contemporary characters using a combination of polymer clay, ceramic paint, card, some dolls house items and air drying clay.

But where to put them? The answer was of course, the local park. The park is the place where you'll find a real cross section of society: yummy mummies, kids on scooters, skaters, people just enjoying a stroll, some 'working' from 'home' and others enjoying themselves in the fresh air with a bottle of wine and a kebab. 

I have taken some of my characters to the extreme. For example, in Baby’s First Bottle I have a toddler nursing a bottle of Jack Daniels, which is a comment on what's best -  bottle or breast? In this case, bottle.

In Stop Me And Buy One we also have a young girl selling drugs from her little wicker baskets. This references county lines and how young people are vulnerable to being exploited by older drug dealers with a lot of influence and money.

The park itself was created with a board of MDF which was painted using Brighton's Level as a reference point. It was designed to pop onto a table in the gallery so the Ghost Town inhabitants can stroll around at their leisure.

You'll also find the local Starbucks in the park, so the townsfolk have somewhere to buy their Iced Toasted Vanilla Oat Milk Shaken Espressos. The Starbucks even lights up at night!"


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