Introducing Brighton's local talent

The Brighton gallery has never had it so good with a wealth of talent on its door step, its easy to see why we have so many local artists on our walls.

If you have ever been lucky enough to find yourself in the beautiful seaside city of Brighton you will know that it is packed with character, charm and has enough creativity to give any city in the world a run for its money. This fantastic mix has seen a massive influx of talented artists taking their inspiration from this amazing city.

With this much talent on our doorstep, I thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce you to a few of our resident Brighton artists.

Screen Prince is one of the gallery’s best-loved artists, his work takes two of his passions in life, music and writing, and fuses them together to create portraits of iconic musicians using their lyrics. Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Beethoven, Grace Jones and many more have had the Screen Prince treatment and all have flown out the door. Keep an eye on Screenprince this year as he has become a firm favourite with many high-profile players in the music industry.

Limited Edition Art Prints | Enter Gallery

Limited Edition Art Prints | Enter Gallery

Limited Edition Art Prints | Enter Gallery


Dan Baldwin, Limited Edition Art Prints | Enter Gallery


Dan Baldwin has gone from strength to strength over the last few years; he has been involved in highly successful shows all over the world but started his career from a studio in Brighton. Dan has exhibited with many of the country’s greatest living artists including Banksy, Jamie Hewlett, Jamie Reid, Peter Blake and Anthony Micallef. A lot is expected of Dan this year with many exciting projects on the go, including his first international solo show at Carmichael gallery Los Angeles, USA. We think 2009 will be the year that Dan steps up again to really show just how good his work is.


Chris Kettle lives and works in Brighton, and for many years shared a studio with two other creative forces in the Brighton art scene: Dan Baldwin and Simon Dixon. Chris has a fantastic eye for creating still-life paintings with a modern twist. Taking his inspiration from the Dutch and Flemish masters of the 17th Century Chris has created paintings that fuse old motifs with feelings and emotions of modern times. Two Successful solo shows in Brighton, along with many others around the world, has seen Chris establish himself as one of the finest talents in the country.

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