Staff Picks for June

June is set to be another busy month at Enter Gallery. Our Art Yard Sale kicked off the month in style on June 4th. We’re launching an online auction to raise funds for environmental charity, Connecting the Roots, on June 22nd, and planning is well underway for Haus of Lucy’s hotly-anticipated upcoming solo show, Ghost Town, which will round off the month on Friday June 30th (RSVP here).

Alongside planning these exciting events, the gallery is busy launching fantastic new artworks, and rediscovering pieces from our archives that deserve some more time in the limelight.

As always, to help you discover the best artworks at Enter Gallery, our team of Art Consultants have selected their staff picks for June…


Tim’s pick is Oculatus by CJP Art

Oculatus, Small art print by CJP Art | Enter Gallery

“I’m a massive fan of CJP and how skilled he is at creating such detailed artworks by hand. This piece is particularly impressive as it not only has the long distance image of the eye, but the smaller detailed pictures within each of the bubbles. It gives you more to look at and get involved with. I love that all of his work has these clever additional details to them. For example, with his Pop Art pineapples, you get a selection of colourways to choose from, different sizes, and then there’s the animals that he hides within the piece that make it so special. For me, these pineapples and Oculatus are stand-out pieces from a fantastic artist.” - Tim.


Poppy's pick is Belief by Gilbert and George

Belief limited edition art print by Gilbert & George | Enter Gallery


"I love this new series of original ink washes that we've just got into the gallery from Gilbert and George. All of the mottos and phrases they've chosen are great, but this one is my favourite. I also love the font and the choice of colours - it reminds me of the font I used for some of my Art Yard Sale pieces last year." - Poppy


Della’s pick is Come Out to Play by Rebecca Strickson

Come Out to Play art print by Rebecca Strickson | Enter Gallery


“I love this cheerful piece by Rebecca Strickson – it’s a wonderful reminder to enjoy life. It can’t be all work, work, work – everyone needs to play every now and then. And as the sun has finally come out, the time is now!”Della.



Emily’s pick is Callejeras by Erre

Callejeras limited edition art print by Erre | Enter Gallery

“Erre is an incredible Colombian street artist with a real grass roots vibe that I like. I love that her work is very girl power focused, particularly the flames she depicts in her subjects glasses which represent burning down the patriarchy and existing systems of oppression. A lot of the people she portrays are young girls, and I think it’s so cool to empower young women in that way. I also like the way Erre’s pieces are printed – they have a really lovely matte black feel which looks great.” - Emily.


Megan’s pick is And the Ghosts of Plastic Bags Will Walk the Cart for Centuries to Come by Craig Keenan

And The Ghosts Of Plastic Bags print by Craig Keenan | Enter Gallery


“I love this piece. Craig’s work is so interesting, because the cyanotype printing style that he uses that gives his work its distinctive blue colour is hundreds of years old. The content of the piece is sad and sweet at the same time, a lovely mixture of the two – he’s a bit lonely but he also looks cute! I think it’s really sweet and ghostly, while highlighting something important about our use of plastics and their impact on the planet.” - Megan.


Katherine’s pick is The Power by Bonnie and Clyde

The Power limited edition art print by Bonnie and Clyde | Enter Gallery

“I love Bonnie and Clyde’s work, and the fact that she’s a local artist. Her pieces just make me want to go on holiday. I love the fact that she combines collage with her own photography, and the blues are just amazing. This piece is pure escapism and everyone needs to escape sometimes.” - Katherine.


Natalie’s pick is Monkey in the Middle by Magnus Gjoen

Monkey in the Middle art print by Magnus Gjoen | Enter Gallery


"With such a serious, dark, and realistic still life style, the cartoon boxing glove on the monkey adds a real sense of playfulness to the artwork, which I love. This cartoon element juxtaposes nicely with the darker elements of the piece. It really draws the viewer in, making it a must see at the gallery." - Natalie.